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Why biometric technology is key to digital transformation for SA banks
Why biometric technology is key to digital transformation for SA banks

As South Africa's banking sector embarks upon digital transformation and the shift to branchless banking, cybersecurity and fraud prevention will have to be top of mind...

By Lance Fanaroff 5 Sep 2019

Adrian Saville
Seeking sanity in an upside-down world

We find ourselves in an environment in which there is more to be worried about than usual, including an escalation of the China-US trade war, fallout from a "no-deal" Brexit, and erratic or aggressive Fed policy decisions...

By Adrian Saville 4 Sep 2019

Edward Kieswetter, Sars commissioner
Kieswetter gradually turning the Sars ship around

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) appears to be making great strides in gaining much-needed certainty and stability since Edward Kieswetter took the helm...

By Tertius Troost 4 Sep 2019

Settling with Sars - revisiting some practical perspectives
Settling with Sars - revisiting some practical perspectives

Can there be a settlement with Sars if an objection was raised out of time? What are the advantages of reaching a settlement? What are the costs of not resolving a dispute? Our article aims to provide enlightenment...

By Joon Chong and Ruan Kotze 4 Sep 2019

Dr Jacques Ludik
4 ways automation is revolutionising financial services

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) offer advances that promise to make banking safer, more efficient and more personal for the customer...

3 Sep 2019

Jeff Miller
Keep calm and invest in South Africa

High unemployment, pedestrian growth, bailouts of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and the slow implementation of President Cyril Ramaphosa's 'New Dawn' do not paint a very cheery picture...

By Jeff Miller 3 Sep 2019

Central banks and other financial sector regulators have not always paid adequate attention to the sector’s impact on the environment. Shutterstock
Central banks are waking up to climate change dangers. It's about time

The impact of climate change on the stability of individual financial institutions and the financial system in general is growing. It influences the types of activities that financial institutions will fund and the cost of finance...

By Danny Bradlow 2 Sep 2019

The delinquency clause seeks to raise standards of good behaviour expected of directors. Shutterstock
Why South African law on directors' delinquency is open to abuse

For the first time in South African company law, courts have the power to declare directors delinquent. This remedy was introduced as part of the overhaul of South Africa's corporate law regime in 2011...

By Rehana Cassim 2 Sep 2019

Women's month a platform to highlight what needs to be changed
Women's month a platform to highlight what needs to be changed

"Women's month is an opportunity to celebrate the strength and courage that women have. However, it is also a platform to highlight that we still have far to go," says Craig Baker, CEO of MiWayLife...

Issued by MiWayLife 30 Aug 2019

Tertius Troost, tax manager, Mazars
Treasury paper shines light on small business

Treasury is finally taking new business growth in South Africa seriously...

30 Aug 2019

No-deal Brexit: how some traders will be gearing up to short the pound

Since Boris Johnson took over as prime minister of the UK, the pound has crashed in value compared with the US dollar...

By Paul Whiteley & Harold D Clarke 29 Aug 2019

Grayston Bridge collapse. Image: Vision Tactical
The cost of human error

The Grayston Bridge collapse in 2015 and the listeriosis outbreak in 2018 are just two examples of how the human factor can impact business, frequently with long-term consequences...

29 Aug 2019

Tiffany Mitchell's post.
#OrchidsandOnions: The myth of influencers

OUTsurance gets an Orchid for its 'reality advertising' success, while using 'influencers' without any solid data to go on gets an influential Onion...

By Brendan Seery 29 Aug 2019

The proposed National Health Insurance has raised questions about the government’s ability to manage a complex health system Shutterstock
South African taxpayers will bear the brunt of NHI

South Africa's government recently released the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, which aims to extend universal healthcare to all South Africans...

By Lee-Ann Steenkamp 29 Aug 2019

BizTrends 2020: Make the vision Towards Africa 2020 possible
BizTrends 2020: Make the vision Towards Africa 2020 possible

Your invitation to the first Trend Report of the new decade!..

Issued by 29 Aug 2019

Last of VBS Mutual Bank's executives now sequestered
Last of VBS Mutual Bank's executives now sequestered

The estates of the remaining two directors of VBS Mutual Bank were placed in final sequestration by the Gauteng High Court on Friday 23 August, which will assist the liquidator, Anoosh Rooplal in his efforts to recover over R1.5 billion on behalf of creditors...

29 Aug 2019

Applications open for Global Fintech Hackcelerator
Applications open for Global Fintech Hackcelerator

The South African Reserve Bank calls fintech firms to submit their innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges identified within the financial services industry...

29 Aug 2019

Raymond Parsons
Implementation and collaboration essential for growth plan success

The success of Treasury's latest growth plan will hinge on practical implementation and collaboration with key stakeholders...

By Raymond Parsons 28 Aug 2019

Accelerating a bank's digital journey
Accelerating a bank's digital journey

Instead of examining the advantages and disadvantages of digital banking versus traditional banking, it should rather be accepted that digitisation is the direction in which all banks need to move...

By Steve Lauter 28 Aug 2019

Standard Bank targets informal retail economy with $4m Nomanini investment
Standard Bank targets informal retail economy with $4m Nomanini investment

Standard Bank has gained a stake in Nomanini following an investment of $4m. The bank will be able to use Nomanini's fintech platform to uncover data on the informal retail economy...

28 Aug 2019

Paul Nixon, head of technical marketing and behavioural finance at Momentum Investments
RDR requires a outcomes-based approach

The phased implementation of Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is well underway in South Africa, with suitability of financial products to a customer's needs remaining a core focal point...

27 Aug 2019

Old Mutual iWYZE pioneers commercial drone innovation in SA insurance industry
Old Mutual iWYZE pioneers commercial drone innovation in SA insurance industry

Old Mutual iWYZE will soon be the first South African insurer to deploy the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), known as drones, together with drone mapping technology and photogrammetry in its operating model...

Issued by Old Mutual iWYZE 27 Aug 2019

New AARTO bill and its impact on motorist insurance premiums
New AARTO bill and its impact on motorist insurance premiums

The bill, which will result in the setting up of a demerit system for drivers, is expected to fundamentally change driving in the country by having licensed drivers lose points for traffic offences, which may result in the loss of a driving license...

27 Aug 2019

UK prime minister, Boris Johnson
Johnson's Brexit - less about strategy, more about economic headwinds in the EU

Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy appears to be working but primarily because a recession is looming over Germany...

26 Aug 2019

Image source:
Africa Halal Week returns to Cape Town

In 2018, 66 exhibitors displayed their products in the food, beverage, fashion and services sectors such as tourism, 20 international buyers of Halal products attended which formed part of the 25 international guests...

26 Aug 2019

Vaughan Alexander, CEO at Innervation Pan African Payment Solutions
Cashless does not necessarily mean financial inclusion

The improvements in technology have resulted in opportunities for payment solutions and governments to offer more affordable transacting for the previously unbanked. However, that is not to say that a cashless society is a utopian one...

By Vaughan Alexander 23 Aug 2019

Moody’s, the only rating agency that keeps South Africa above junk, is scheduled to review its credit rating in November 2019. Shutterstock
South Africa close to 'junk status' from all three rating agencies. What would follow?

The rating agency Fitch recently revised the outlook on South Africa's long-term foreign-currency issuer default rating down from "stable" to "negative"...

By Misheck Mutize & Sean Gossel 23 Aug 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Beware the pitfalls of the debt relief law

While there is a real need to help low-income consumers who are overburdened by debt, there are still many unanswered questions about how the new Debt Relief Bill will work practically...

22 Aug 2019

Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane
Fifth executive suspended in Sars clean up

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has announced that it has placed another executive on precautionary suspension pending the finalisation of a disciplinary process in respect of serious allegations of misconduct...

22 Aug 2019

Neil Kirby
No mandatory requirement for South Africans to join NHI

The publication of the National Health Insurance Bill has resulted in much public comment as to the future of healthcare in South Africa...

21 Aug 2019

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