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CoCT opens state-of-the-art alternative human waste management facility

Earlier this week, the City of Cape Town opened its new fully automated Faecal Sludge Management Facility (FSMF) that is said to clean, wash and disinfect toilet containers five times faster than the previous manual method.

Located at the Borcherds Quarry Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the most significant benefits of the facility is its water-wise design. Recycled water, produced at the wastewater treatment plant, is used instead of potable (drinking quality) water that was used by the old ‘manual’ system. This is an important factor for a water-challenged city. Other significant benefits are a reduced quantity of chemicals being used in the disinfecting process that results in cost efficiencies; reduction in odours that may negatively impact on surrounding areas; and the minimisation of chemical and faecal spillages.

Offering improved sanitation to informal settlement residents, the facility has the ability to ramp up capacity for expected future demand.
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