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Inaugural Storytellers Gala to celebrate 100 years of radio

New York Festivals Radio Awards will host its inaugural Storytellers Gala on Tuesday, 21 April at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas, celebrating 100 years of radio.
Inaugural Storytellers Gala to celebrate 100 years of radio

With the digital audio arena encompassing music-streaming, podcasts, online and satellite radio, radio has come a very long way since the first radio broadcast of election coverage by KDKA on 2 November 1920.

“Having been a part of the NYF Grand jury and Radio Advisory board for several years, I’m so pleased to see the competition join forces with NAB. I can think of no better platform for the world’s best radio than an organisation like NAB, which has celebrating “bringing content to life” for close to a century. This is a bold new chapter for NYF and I simply can’t wait to hear this year’s entries.” – Mark Travis, associate director of media, production, New York Philharmonic and NYF Radio Awards Advisory Board

In honour of this momentous invention, New York Festivals Radio Awards will celebrate 100 years of Radio while bringing together global storytellers from both the Radio and TV & Film industry on the same stage.

“100 years ago, in 1920, radio linked a formerly insular public and created a common ground for understanding, for sharing of culture, for education and entertainment. Today, more than ever, through podcasts and global distribution, broadcasters touch hearts and minds around the world and around the clock,” said Lou Simon, radio producer for SiriusXM Radio and NYF Radio Awards Grand Jury. “It’s wonderful to gather and celebrate some of our shining examples of freedom and integrity.”

Radio storytelling begins with a distinctive voice and ends with a captivating narrative that engages listeners on a broad range of topics.

“The NYF is right in sync with the most important movement taking place in media today – a revival of enthusiasm for the art of storytelling. Storytelling has been the foundation of oral communications from the dawn of language to the present-day explosion in technology. The idea of outstanding storytellers from around the planet gathering in Las Vegas to celebrate this most evolved element of human connectivity is deeply gratifying to those of us who love the spoken word and remain in awe of its power.” – Michael Harrison, publisher, Talkers and NYF Radio Awards Advisory Board

New York Festivals Radio Awards robust roster of categories celebrates the innovative storytelling from content creators from 40 countries around the world. From Live Shows to Entertainment Specials, Sports to Talk Radio, Music Shows to News, Serialised Storytelling to Podcasts and Audiobooks, powerful storytelling today succeeds in engaging listeners and illustrating that the voice of the storyteller is loud, clear and very much alive in radio.

“In dark days or divisive troubled times, stories can be the lifeblood to creating understanding between people and touch the very heart of humanity and civilization. NYF honours the importance of powerful storytelling on a global level. I am proud to be a part of this organisation.” – Valerie Geller, president, Geller International Media and NYF Radio Awards Advisory Board

The 2020 Storyteller’s gala celebrates the tenth year of NYF’s strategic partnership with the annual NAB Show. As content creators from around the globe take to the stage, world-class content from prominent radio stations, networks, international independent producers and presenters will be recognised and awarded.

Attendees to the 2020 Storyteller’s Gala will also have access to NAB’s multi-day event which is the world’s largest media entertainment marketplace. Award-winning guest presenters from around the globe and will bring a new level of prominence, interest, and recognition for all our participants which will continue in the year ahead.

The deadline to enter the 2020 Radio Awards competition is 1 February 2020. To enter please click here, for additional information click here.

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