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Emirates calls on applicants to join cadet training programme
Reducing air travel by small amounts each year could level off the climate impact
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Hope Consortium, Astral Aviation partner to enhance vaccine distribution in Africa
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA
Blocked airline funds could slow down recovery - IATA

The International Air Transport Association has urged governments to abide by international agreements and treaty obligations to enable airlines to repatriate close to nearly $1bn in blocked funds from the sale of tickets, cargo space, and other...

19 Aug 2021

Combined market cap of global airlines plunge by $12bn as Covid cases rise
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UNCTAD, IATA extend partnership to facilitate global trade

The two organisations will leverage their leadership in their respective fields to boost e-commerce in developing countries through improved exchanges of trade data...

12 Aug 2021

Survey: Passengers confident in air travel safety, continue to support mask-wearing
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IATA welcomes G20 Push to restart tourism
The airline industry hasn't collapsed, but that's the only good news for overseas travel
IATA training initiative to help laid-off airline cabin crew members re-enter the job market

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