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Chicken a la King(sley) James: Nando's vs Santam
Chicken a la King(sley) James: Nando's vs Santam

Nando's has always been agile and, as technology enhances the turnarounds on production time, it has become even better at flighting ads in the immediate wake of the people and events that it satirises. But here comes the real rub... (pun unintentional...) Santam, on Tuesday, 24 April 2012, has responded to Nando's parody with its own [video].

By Edward Fisher 24 Apr 2012

Adventurer Kingsley Holgate, one of the few people in Africa who actually needs a 4x4. Pic: .
Don't blame traffic

Have you seen any good motorcycle or bicycle advertising lately? If the golden pencil is your carrot and you want to be a part of something significant, here's an opportunity. Instead of begging insignificant corner shops to let you do "award-winning" advertising for them, go after the many motorcycle and bicycle brands out there and effect real change through great advertising.

By Anton Crone 24 Apr 2012

Zando rockets into SA ecommerce space
Zando rockets into SA ecommerce space

Zando, a new online fashion ecommerce play funded by Germany-based Rocket Internet, launched three months ago and is literally aiming to rocket through the online retail market to be in the same league like services such as and

By Herman Manson 24 Apr 2012

Five things to watch out for on Twitter
Five things to watch out for on Twitter

Let's say you're new to Twitter. Okay - no-one who reads Bizcommunity is new to Twitter. Let's say you've been on Twitter a while and you mostly love it, but you have minor reservations about a) its time-wasting potential, b) its actual value to your brand, or c) when and whether to distance yourself from your fellow tweeps.

By Tiffany Markman 23 Apr 2012

140 BBDO finds new relevance, success
140 BBDO finds new relevance, success

One year on and 140 BBDO, the agency formerly known as Net#work BBDO Cape Town, has found that its identity change and internal organisational behaviour shift is paying dividends. Of the three pitches it undertook in 2011, it won the two in which it was the incumbent and then scored one of the biggest accounts in Cape Town when it bagged the third in Metropolitan.

By Herman Manson 20 Apr 2012

Eugene Yiga
Marketing lessons from the Arab Spring

2011 was the year of the protester. But instead of discussing the bored trustafarians who 'occupied' the world lest they be denied something for the first time in their lives, I'd like to focus on the Arab Spring. How did it happen? And what can we as marketers learn?

By Eugene Yiga 13 Apr 2012

Cell C puts new agency decision on review
Cell C puts new agency decision on review

Cell C has put its new agency appointments, which was formally announced to the media and industry on 10 February 2012, under review. Cell C had announced the appointment of FoxP2, King James, Prima Plus and Trigger/Isobar as its ad agencies.

By Herman Manson 13 Apr 2012

Chris Moerdyk
Does proudly South African mean buy South African?

I always find it amusing when a national furore is created by a sporting body's decision to source clothing and equipment overseas. Like our official sports confederation and Olympic Games body, SASCOC, did a few weeks ago when it announced that our Olympic Games kit would be supplied from China.

By Chris Moerdyk 11 Apr 2012

Naseem Javed
Global branding ultimatum 2012

Why is Facebook on its way to become a US$100 billion dollar enterprise? Because the corporate world is very comfortable with 'predictability-driven marketing' surrounded by 'search-based social media', expects 'click-based' returns on investments and believes in 247/365 multidirectional expansion while rest of the world loves the freedom to engage online.

By Naseem Javed 11 Apr 2012

Sarah Britten
Yes, you can timesheet the fuzball

"Great ideas don't keep office hours," as the ad for Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank used to say. It flighted at around the time I arrived at Hunts some time in the Precambrian, but the insight is just as valid today. Great ideas really don't keep office hours, which causes havoc with timesheets.

By Sarah Britten 10 Apr 2012

Chris Moerdyk
Is marketing moving with the times?

A few years ago I calculated that, every year in South Africa, roughly R50 billion was wasted on ill-conceived or just plain bad marketing. So, have things improved? Is marketing still efficient or continuing to shed money as though there was no tomorrow?

By Chris Moerdyk 5 Apr 2012

Tebogo Koena
Why are we not branding our local music?

Being in the brand-building business myself and often hearing artists refer to themselves as "brands", it makes me wonder if we truly grasp the subject matter of brands and how branding works. Being inspired by a track or an artist is one thing; using international tracks twice in a row to raise awareness and influence change in behaviour on local issues for local benefit is another. [video]

By Tebogo Koena 4 Apr 2012

The shootout: City Press vs Sunday Times
The shootout: City Press vs Sunday Times

The Sunday Times is getting fat and dominates the Sunday print market, but that doesn't mean it can become complacent. Media24 knows a thing or two about the online space, and it has the resources to give Avusa a wake-up call.

By Mandy de Waal 3 Apr 2012

Gillian Rightford
Doctors and pop stars: lessons for ad agencies and marketers

Much has been written about the relationship between Michael Jackson and his doctor, Conrad Murray. And haven't we also been wondering whether Whitney Houston's doctor will go under the same microscope? This got me thinking about the sometimes-dysfunctional relationship that exists between marketers and ad agencies.

By Gillian Rightford 30 Mar 2012

Jupiter Cape Town's year for living dangerously
Jupiter Cape Town's year for living dangerously

Trying to see the upside, Claire Cobbledick, MD of The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town), says the loss of the Woolworths business has presented the agency with an opportunity, and will hopefully allow it to more liberty and freedom in its offering and in how the business is managed. "It's our year for living dangerously," says Cobbledick. She hopes the result will reinvigorate the agency.

By Herman Manson 29 Mar 2012

Matt Rose
Emoticons 'r' us

Considering the amount of texting we do today, emoticons have 'exploded' and, whether used in Skype, BBM, SMS or WhatsApp, they have become a distinct style of expression and form a vital part of casual/digital vernacular punctuation. But what are the implications of these obscure little visages for marketers?

By Matt Rose 29 Mar 2012

Charisse Nel
Can agencies create fresh work that improves clients' bottom lines?

I hate the word "advertising". Whenever I am at a social event and someone asks what I do, I mumble something about working in an advertising agency and hope I don't get the usual barrage of judging looks and comments about working for an evil team of brainwashers. Somewhere along the way, advertising lost its allure, its sense of glamour and its credibility as a service that solved business problems.

By Charisse Nel 29 Mar 2012

Refugees from common sense: Helen Zille, DA's five marketing mistakes
Refugees from common sense: Helen Zille, DA's five marketing mistakes

If Helen Zille is so marketing savvy, why is she making so many glaring tactical errors? The "refugee" tweet debacle is just the latest example. The DA's communications strategy team must surely be aware of where it's going wrong, but if it isn't, here are a few pointers.

By Sarah Britten 27 Mar 2012

Old friends, young talent at new agency
Old friends, young talent at new agency

Young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds, given a hand up and gaining real commercial experience so as to make them attractive in a competitive job market. This is the aim of three old(er) hands in advertising with a new Cape-Town based commercial venture, Old Friends Young Talent (OFyt), that hopes to help transform the ad industry from the bottom up.

By Herman Manson 22 Mar 2012

Top five things learned at SxSW 2012
Top five things learned at SxSW 2012

Karin Botta: Digital marketing is a lot more than an entertaining Facebook tab, some cute tweets, or a campaign that relies solely on user-generated content. It's more dynamic, involves real people, but mostly needs to be as simple as possible. It was this, and the next five ideas, that had the biggest impact upon me during my time at SxSW in Austin last week.

By trigger/isobar goes to SxSW 20 Mar 2012

Mongezi Mtati
Facilitate a movement: the shift from mass marketing

To date, there are two brands in particular, Absolut and Nike, which have hit the ground running when it comes to going beyond a social media presence and influencer engagement, making it difficult for challenger brands to catch up and maintain the pace. A third brand, Carling Black Label, did phenomenally last year by focusing less on social media and more on influencers [video].

By Mongezi Mtati 20 Mar 2012

Godfrey Parkin
Tips to tweak your digital thinking

Since a critical mass of senior executives were given iPads for Christmas, even the most previously technophobic of business leaders are demanding that digital marketing be taken seriously. This is a blessing and a curse - we see a lot of overnight app-happiness driving silly projects ahead of important initiatives. But at last the momentum is building and companies are striving to connect with customers in the digital places where they hang out.

By Godfrey Parkin 16 Mar 2012

Naseem Javed
Global visibility of South African brand names

South African organisations must face the new emerging globalisation of domain names as ICANN gTLDs become a reality and equally balance with non-English language domains available for the local and regional markets. The issues of domain name management are now very complex, expensive and, at times, may dictate the future of the name brand.

By Naseem Javed 14 Mar 2012

Maja Rode
Five lessons brands can learn from Kony 2012

Kony 2012 has undoubtedly become one of the most successful social media-driven marketing campaigns to date, primarily because the public doesn't seem to look at it as a marketing campaign at all. If brands and their causes really do want to compete with Kony 2012, they will have to bear a few important things in mind.

By Maja Rode 14 Mar 2012

The web of IP
The web of IP

In light of the online shopping trend, intellectual property proprietors face new challenges with the enforcement of their rights against new forms of unauthorised use across millions of websites, in multiple languages and domains. Enforcement of rights is costly and difficult in the online environment, so companies are advised to implement methods of proactively deterring infringement before it occurs.

By Nishan Singh 13 Mar 2012

Lindsay Grubb
I'm not a stalker but...

What you're putting out there gives us a window into your world and helps us form ideas and opinions about you. These might form differently if we were meeting with you in person, but when all we've got to go on is our potential "victims" last 10 tweets or likes or shares, it is this "first impression" that lasts.

By Lindsay Grubb 13 Mar 2012

#bankwars: 'Steve' vs Standard Bank, the sequel
#bankwars: 'Steve' vs Standard Bank, the sequel

Oy vey. What a can of worms. In part I, I raised the question of whether FNB's lofty promises, delivered via the chirpy 'Steve', were empty. I did so, as you know, publicly. And I learned two very important things. Here they are:

By Tiffany Markman 12 Mar 2012

Wayne Naidoo
Transformation: a matter of trust

Significant milestones have been achieved in the past 10 years of working to transform the advertising profession, and these should be celebrated. However, it is agreed that South Africans now understand that transformation is a multidimensional process - getting the 'numbers' right in terms of equity is only but one step.

By Wayne Naidoo 9 Mar 2012

Student spending: a new school of thought
Student spending: a new school of thought

In days gone by, the university student was viewed as a dreamer. Their jovial and carefree existence was juxtaposed with real adult life of taxes, mortgages and in-laws. Until only recently, brands looked at them with a similar disdain. In recent times, though, businesses have been schooled that maybe it's time to take their studies into the student market a little more seriously.

By Mike Silver 8 Mar 2012

Building brands, driving sales - and doing good
Building brands, driving sales - and doing good

Do you have a favourite example of how marketing can have a positive impact on the world? I never hesitate when I'm asked that question: the Outsurance pointspeople. Social good meets brand awareness and affinity: it's a win-win situation.

By Sarah Britten 7 Mar 2012

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