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Brett Horn
Five ways pitching out creative briefs will kill your brand

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an ever-growing trend, in which large FMCG brands attempt to generate savings through aggressive procurement policies...

By Brett Horn 20 Jan 2015 12:19

Donna Rachelson
Some tough questions to ask yourself about your marketing for this year

It's not about adding an extra marketing channel to your arsenal in 2015, with all of the accompanying admin, energy, input and spend. What I suggest is exactly the opposite: paring down the number of channels you use...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 14 Jan 2015 10:08

Sid Peimer
Brand loyalty - a thing of the past for technology brands?

This year's Consumer Electronics Show will feature everything from biometric socks and other 'wearables' to 3D printers, drones, robotics, virtual reality and TVs where the clarity is best described as 'breath-taking'. However...

By Sid Peimer 8 Jan 2015 07:21

Donna Rachelson
Four personal branding trends to consider in 2015

If you think that personal branding is for celebs like George Clooney, or bigwigs like Bill Gates, you need to think again! You are a brand. So, before you market your company in 2015, you need to market yourself...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 11 Dec 2014 10:59

Elsa Gouws
People first: the role of employer brands in driving growth

The global war for talent is intensifying, making it increasingly difficult for businesses without strong employer brands to be competitive. In South Africa the talent supply/demand curve is particularly skewed...

By Elsa Gouws 5 Dec 2014 14:30

Five ways to get the most from social media
Five ways to get the most from social media

Social media occupies a central role in today's brand/consumer interaction space. Yet many brands rush into social media without putting a coherent strategy in place...

By Gordon Geldenhuys 4 Dec 2014 14:22

Ben Wagner
The definitive top 10 trends for 2015

Trends are a bit like spending a dreamy, sunny day at the beach. The next thing you know you have a drenched towel and phone. High tide and trends work like that...

By Ben Wagner, Issued by NATIVE VML 4 Dec 2014 11:14

Peter Cowan
Fostering Ubuntu for a brighter future

As early as the 1950s, the term "Ubuntu" has been seen in African literature ... The word encompasses a plethora of social rights movements, simply translating to the most basic action and human kindness...

By Peter Cowan 3 Dec 2014 10:57

Time is a valuable currency in the distraction economy
Time is a valuable currency in the distraction economy

In a world where distractions are in heavy supply and where marketing is in low demand, companies need to start thinking about consumers' time and attention as a form of currency...

By Kat Scholtz 2 Dec 2014 14:50

David Alves
Eight things to consider when plotting your 2015 digital marketing strategy

As consumers feel the Christmas pinch, so marketers begin their planning for 2015...

By David Alves 2 Dec 2014 14:05

[TrendTalk] Creativity's 'curse'
[TrendTalk] Creativity's 'curse'

There's a social media meme that likens the brain of a creative person to having 100 tabs open all at once...

By Louise Marsland 28 Nov 2014 08:59

Kirsty Sharman
Silly season social marketing insights

It's obvious that the brick and mortar world is racing away on the festive season bandwagon already, but what are the trends in online marketing around the silly season?...

By Kirsty Sharman 28 Nov 2014 08:19

Donna Rachelson
Marketing for entrepreneurs: start here

Many entrepreneurs that I speak to tell me they know they need to market their business, but they just don't have the time, or they don't know where to start. While I understand that marketing can seem intimidating, it presents huge opportunities...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 26 Nov 2014 12:43

Steven Murray
How to grow an audience and influence them

Creating an online profile is easy, but cultivating a trusted online presence is hard work. It is not as simple as creating a blog and hoping someone will read it, or signing up to Twitter and gaining a few followers...

By Steven Murray 25 Nov 2014 14:44

Chris Midgley
What makes a great client service person?

Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, considers the characteristics that make a great client service person and what traits should be considered when hiring...

By Chris Midgley, Issued by Blast Brand Catalysts 25 Nov 2014 11:21

Celebrating 20 years of living in Levi's locally
Celebrating 20 years of living in Levi's locally

How better to celebrate 20 years of building a legendary brand in South Africa than transforming an old Cape Town factory/warehouse into a San Francisco streetscape, taking guests way-back-when to the very beginning of the Levi's brand in 1853?

By Ilse van den Berg 25 Nov 2014 11:11

#OutofOffice is where great brands are built
#OutofOffice is where great brands are built

Out of Office is no longer just an automatic reply, but a new talk series that features inspirational, informative and high-profile speakers in unusual spaces...

By Jessica Taylor 25 Nov 2014 08:58

Radio rocks more than ever
Radio rocks more than ever

Much like Mark Twain's death, rumours of radio's demise have been much exaggerated. In fact, the reality is that despite the fragmentation of the existing medium, and the growth of new media in other areas...

By Lizette Anderson 21 Nov 2014 14:00

Dean Oelschig
The best brands solve the simplest problems

What would a "thought leadership" article be without an Einstein quote, so here it goes; "If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions"...

By Dean Oelschig 20 Nov 2014 15:10

The future of television
The future of television

Television entertains us, informs us, inspires us and accompanies us everywhere we go. It is a fundamental part of almost everyone's lives in one way or another...

By Deborah Usher 20 Nov 2014 08:45

Marion Scher
Snake oil or genius?

I recently spoke to the Association of Dietetics South Africa on dealing with the media - a hot topic for them these days with all the controversy around Banting and the LCHF diet... And of course, dare I say it, Professor Tim Noakes...

By Marion Scher 20 Nov 2014 06:50

Miller Matola
Active citizenship and its role in changing the South African brand reality

We often hear the term 'active citizenship' and see it used in relation to our contribution to the growth and development of South Africa. But do we fully understand what this term means?..

By Miller Matola 19 Nov 2014 14:26

[TrendTalk] Africa's brand opportunities in 2015
[TrendTalk] Africa's brand opportunities in 2015

A strong, aspirant emerging middle class, a tech boom, media and brand opportunities and the only continent with untapped growth, make the African continent an increased focus of large multinationals for 2015...

By Louise Marsland 14 Nov 2014 13:00

Chris Midgley
So why should we trust you?

Chris Midgley, strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, examines what brands and businesses can do to build trust with stakeholders...

By Chris Midgley, Issued by Blast Brand Catalysts 12 Nov 2014 11:48

Claudelle Naidoo
Consumer trust is based on advertiser investment, not expenditure

The media and marketing industry in South Africa is at a crossroads at the moment - the big question being asked from brands/spenders is "How can I get the most reach for my buck?"...

By Claudelle Naidoo 11 Nov 2014 14:00

Every CEO in South Africa should read this
Every CEO in South Africa should read this

Why? Because as many as 80% of CEOs admit they do not really trust, and are not impressed by, the performance of their marketing teams...

By Keanan Reis 10 Nov 2014 06:19

Al Mackay
Branding without culture

I was really amused the other day, while watching an episode of The Simpsons on TV, to see a pair of weird, deadpan New Zealander musicians as the stars of the show...

By Al Mackay 7 Nov 2014 08:45

Donna Rachelson
Three clever questions to ask your clients

Most of us have answered customer surveys and wished we could rewrite the questions instead of choosing from the pre-written options...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 6 Nov 2014 11:00

Tiffany Markman
Why missions and visions suck - and how to fix them

This article began as, 'Why missions and visions typically suck: a letter to clients'. But then I did a bit of research and found a Bain and Company survey...

By Tiffany Markman 5 Nov 2014 07:43

Why personal branding isn't entirely all about you
Why personal branding isn't entirely all about you

In the digitally enabled economy of today, connected and intelligent individuals face a world rife with competition when it comes to career advancement or even business survival...

By Vanessa Bluen 3 Nov 2014 15:01

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