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Tebogo Koena is a brand builder who has been in the advertising space for eight years. He used to work at The Jupiter Drawing Room (Johannesburg). His experience stretches across automotive brands (Mercedes-Benz and FIAT) right through to the FMCG sector (Coca-Cola, Philip Morris and Plascon, among others). Tebogo is also a budding writer and commentator. He writes here in his personal capacity. Email Tebogo at and follow @GOTG on Twitter.
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Tebogo Koena
The message was lost in the title, I think

It takes time to craft a message, even more so when it is meant to kick-start dialogue. I'm thinking of the manner in which this song "Blacks R Foolz" was received. There were many positive reactions, especially on social media platforms, on the one hand. On the other, there was negative feedback on the song, mainly due to the title. (video)

By Tebogo Koena 9 Jul 2012 08:32

Tebogo Koena
Why are we not branding our local music? Part II

We seem to forget or perhaps don't want history to tap us on the shoulder now and then. When South Africa was in isolation, our people rose up against apartheid through music and chants, original music and chants; it is how we as South Africans give voice to our concerns and deliver a message.

By Tebogo Koena 21 May 2012 10:47

Tebogo Koena
Why are we not branding our local music?

Being in the brand-building business myself and often hearing artists refer to themselves as "brands", it makes me wonder if we truly grasp the subject matter of brands and how branding works. Being inspired by a track or an artist is one thing; using international tracks twice in a row to raise awareness and influence change in behaviour on local issues for local benefit is another. [video]

By Tebogo Koena 4 Apr 2012 12:14

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