Maja Rode is an account director at Corporate Image ( With qualifications in marketing, economics and business administration, she's a firm believer in the power of smart communication, of which she thinks there is a serious shortage in SA. Maja believes that PR, driven by the increasing integration with social media platforms, will play an increasingly important role in the boardroom - no more boobs-and-balloons. Email ; follow @majarode.
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Run Jozi: stride in right direction but opportunity for so much more

On Sunday, 7 October 2012, I was one of 20 000 runners that traversed the substantial divide between Sandton and Alexandra as part of Nike's 'We Run Jozi' 10km race. Despite the impeccable organisation, challenging route and fantastic vibe, crossing the finish line left me feeling strangely empty.

By Maja Rode 9 Oct 2012

Five lessons brands can learn from Kony 2012

Kony 2012 has undoubtedly become one of the most successful social media-driven marketing campaigns to date, primarily because the public doesn't seem to look at it as a marketing campaign at all. If brands and their causes really do want to compete with Kony 2012, they will have to bear a few important things in mind.

By Maja Rode 14 Mar 2012

What social media's leaderless revolutions have to gain from old-fashioned branding

The common thread running through events such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street is the same thing that sets them apart from anything we've seen in history: they are leaderless. Or, in the words of a communications professional: unbranded. Without leaders, where do these movements really lead? Where is the accountability, the legitimacy, the promise of a better future? Where, in short, is the brand?

By Maja Rode 21 Feb 2012

[2012 trends] Out with the old, in with the new marks PR's revival

2012 is the year that the South African PR industry may finally shed its image of a sub-standard party-planning service and muscle its way into the big leagues. And the main vehicle to get us there is social media. This also means that the traditional PR toolkit is due for a complete overhaul.

By Maja Rode 11 Jan 2012

PR: intangibility at its most tangible

I recently had the pleasure of attending a talk by TED speaker and 'ad man', Rory Sutherland. Refreshingly sincere about the ad industry, Sutherland spent the better part of a morning talking about how changing people's perceptions about the value of a product is far more important than genuinely changing its value.

By Maja Rode 1 Nov 2011

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