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Episode 124: The IMC Conference Durban

Date: 27 Feb 2015
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Episode 123: Is Design on the 2015 business agenda with Life is Awesome.

Date: 23 Feb 2015
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Episode 122: The show not to miss: World Wide Web Foundation

Date: 13 Feb 2015
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PwC launches 'Into Africa - the continent's cities of opportunity' report

The African continent is crossed by five trends: demographic change, urbanisation, technological changes, the transfer of economic power and climate change...

23 Mar 2015 10:21

WFA reveals groundbreaking research into Africa's marketing challenges

New research into the state of marketing expertise and opportunity amongst client-side marketers across Africa has been released by the World Federation of Advertisers...

Issued by The WFA in conjunction with Millward Brown 18 Mar 2015 12:24

Number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in Africa to increase

The number of ultra-high net worth individuals - those with at least $30m in assets - in Africa will increase by a staggering 59% over the next 10 years, stronger than the 34% projected global growth...

17 Mar 2015 14:49

[TrendTalk] 2020 marketing vision

Is the 'Internet of Things' the biggest marketing trend for the next five years? International research shows that marketers and CEOs are prioritising the Internet of Things and believe it will have the biggest impact on marketers by 2020...

By Louise Marsland 13 Mar 2015 13:09

Demographics and their role in consumer behaviour

Customers influence generally comes from a series of issues when making purchasing decisions. This is true across the globe, and as such, the sub-Saharan Africa consumer is no different...

11 Mar 2015 16:12

Is South Africa differentiating itself from Africa for the wrong reasons?

Why is it that South Africans have adopted a culture of expecting handouts? Contrary to common belief, handouts are not an inherent African ethos...

By Antoinette Pombo 11 Mar 2015 07:19

New research: How employee emotions' impact on customer experience

The latest Ask Afrika Orange Index provides customer service trends based on 13 years of data, across 32 industries and 155 companies...

4 Mar 2015 08:05

GDP, population and governance data alone are not enough to predict brand success in Africa

A new report from Nielsen shows hard retail data, consumer needs and behaviour, combined with macro-economic datasets, are better indicators of opportunity and success in African markets...

Issued by Nielsen 3 Mar 2015 11:26

Africa: State of Mobile Advertising Report released

Mobile is the driving force behind the Africa's accelerating internet adoption, making it a hotbed for mobile growth and commerce, according to Opera Mediaworks' State of Mobile Advertising report....

19 Feb 2015 14:46

Engaging with connected consumers - Part 2

It took 14 years to sell 40 million laptops, but only four years to sell 40 million tablets...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Feb 2015 05:34

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 122: The show not to miss: World Wide Web Foundation

Tune in to the Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show tomorrow, 12 February 2015, from 9-10am, as show host Warren Harding chats to Dillon Mann, Philipp Hartmann, Theunis Hanekom and Koo Govender...

11 Feb 2015 08:34

Affluent Africa drives demand for property

The number of Africans with $30 million in assets - the ultra high net worth individual - is anticipated to rise by 53% to 2,858 by 2023, far outstripping the average pace of growth across the rest of the world...

11 Feb 2015 08:27

Engaging with connected consumers - Part 1

Yes, consumers are all in the digital space. Not all consumers are not the same, and no, not all digital consumers are same...

By Danette Breitenbach 11 Feb 2015 06:01

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