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Millennials' confidence drops against world instability

According to Deloitte's sixth annual Millennial Survey, respondents indicate they are less likely to leave the security of their jobs, more concerned about uncertainty arising from conflict and not optimistic about the directions their countries are going...

24 Feb 2017

Consumers prefer companies that make them feel good about themselves

Weber Shandwick has launched a report, The Company behind the Brand II: In Goodness We Trust, a global thought leadership study. A key finding is the degree to which products and services make individuals feel good or healthy, surpasses their interest in specific corporate responsibility initiatives, sometimes by wide margins.

17 Feb 2017

Buzz and social media dominant in soft metrics in IPA Effectiveness Awards

Warc has released a comprehensive marketing effectiveness report, based on in-depth analysis and insights from the global IPA Effectiveness Awards 2016...

17 Feb 2017

Customer centricity and collaboration for all

First came Marketing2020, then came Insights2020. In their latest industry shakeup, Kantar Vermeer has put the wheel in motion for the formation of a local South African CMO Council. Frank van den Driest, Kantar Vermeer's chief client officer, shares how this will strengthen the local marketing industry...

By Leigh Andrews 16 Feb 2017

Consumer insights agency raises seed capital

Bamba, a boutique African data collection agency, raises $1.1 million USD in first seed round…

16 Feb 2017

Snaplytics releases Snapchat trends report

Copenhagen, Denmark – Snaplytics, the SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights, has released a comprehensive survey of Snapchat data to better understand how brands are using the site to communicate with their followers...

14 Feb 2017

Brands nudge their way towards goodness

Economics has long been based on the assumption that as humans we make rational, purposefully thought out decisions that are in our best interest...

By Leslie Pascaud 9 Feb 2017

Ten media innovations in Africa in 2017

Many attempts at consolidated research have not been successful in this highly competitive space in Africa…

By Peter Searll 9 Feb 2017

Who is winning in Africa, and is Africa winning?

Africa Forum 2017 will see the launch of the much anticipated African Market Research Association (AMRA) and will set the African agenda for market research, including social research, opinion polling and data analytics...

Issued by African Market Research Association 8 Feb 2017

Forrester's predictions indicate CMOs at risk as consumers up experience needs

Forrester's 2017 predictions indicate US online adults want new and engaging digital experiences and will switch companies to find them, IoT will suffer compromise and over 30% of CMOs could be ousted...

8 Feb 2017

Five top market research trends for 2017

SmartSurvey, a UK-based provider of digital survey solutions, has published its five emerging trends in market research and what will drive success in 2017...

1 Feb 2017

The role of African universities in achieving the SDGs

While the SDGs are wide-ranging, said Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng...

By Sindy Peters 30 Jan 2017

First World Data Forum part of Agenda 2030 implementation

'Data and accurate information is and will be for the implementation of Agenda 2030' - UN Desa Chief…

19 Jan 2017

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