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Episode 192: Zero Negative Energy launch with Adidas.

Date: 20 Oct 2016
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Is your website driving away customers?

US consumers in particular are very discerning when shopping online, so much of the global ecommerce research stems from there, but it's more than just a 'Western concern'. Here's why African business should take online shopping cart abandonment into account locally and when selling to an international market...

By Leigh Andrews 7 Oct 2016

Africa's shifting growth figures demand investor staying power

The third edition of Nielsen's Africa Prospects Indicator (APi) Report shows that, for Africa, 2016 is proving to be 'The Year of Change'...

Issued by Nielsen 30 Sep 2016

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 190: The Marketing Mix Social Media Landscape Briefing findings

Tune in to the Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show on 22 September 2016, from 9-10am, as show host Warren Harding chats to Mike Wronski...

21 Sep 2016

ZAMPS reflects changes in Zimbabwean lifestyles

The latest Zimbabwe All Media and Products (ZAMPS) Survey reflects changes in Zimbabwean lifestyles...

16 Sep 2016

Where did all the research go?

In traditional agencies, research is a nucleus - it's the alpha and omega of brand strategy. It means a deep, reverberating comprehension of products or services, the people who make them and the people buy them. It means crystallising strategy and campaign to align with this understanding...

By Desiree Gullan 15 Sep 2016

Turning findings into insights

What matters now is not so much the quantity of data a firm can amass but its ability to connect the dots and extract value from the information...

By Nigel Hollis, Issued by Kantar Millward Brown 6 Sep 2016

Mixed optimism in latest SSA consumer confidence results

The latest Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) results for Q2, 2016 show that of the four sub-Saharan African countries measured by Nielsen, Nigeria's consumer confidence score (122) continued to rank highest...

Issued by Nielsen 6 Sep 2016

Branding in the new world: Understanding moments that matter

The marketing world of yesteryear was defined by one-way communication to drive brand-building and to get the message across. However, these traditional principles no longer apply and brands who refuse to adapt to today's digitally engaged environment risk being left behind...

By Alida Jansen & Chris Davies, Issued by Kantar TNS 6 Sep 2016

ECA launches monthly Africa economic and social data

The Economic Commission for Africa has launched its newest product, the Africa 'Statistical Flash', with macro-economic and social data on Africa...

6 Sep 2016

Marketing research telling a story?

'Once upon a time there was a marketing researcher who...'

By Claire Heckrath 5 Sep 2016

Research funding for African scientists for climate change solutions

Canada commits $22.6 Million to support training of African Mathematical Scientists on climate change solutions...

5 Sep 2016

Survey finds traditional media still drives news agenda in NA, EMEA

A global survey of over 200 reporters and editors found that 72% agree that traditional media outlets are the most trusted news sources...

15 Aug 2016

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