zelu afar
Ethiopia as a model for health care leadership
Wow - this is fascinating to see a research scientist Leslie Curry and Michael Skonieczny make such an outlandish statement that suggested "... Ethiopia's health care system can serve as a model for other countries..."The recent Legatum Prosperity Index summarizes it very well by saying : " Ethiopia has a health deficit, but its people worry less than any other nationality" (I think your research is not only biased but also echo's the government false propaganda. And instead of suggesting improvement opportunities, you message lends itself encouraging the degraded health infrastructure. Can you tell us how many doctors currently employed in the nation of over $80,000,000 residents??? Do you think the government can do something different to slow down the brain drain?For the position you are in, I think you should provide a helpful analysis that is based on the fact that academia.
Posted on 24 Nov 2011 08:00
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