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    Arbind Joseph created Crintell Technologies to help employers navigate hiring challenges

    As a department, Human Resources has always been expected to find the perfect balance between supporting staff, potential candidates, and the organization itself. The concept of forming partnerships and contracts that benefit all parties involved can take a lot of negotiation, advanced problem-solving, and innovation, but great HR professionals can make it happen. The biggest thing standing in the way of HR teams being able to make everyone happy is the number of hours in the day.
    Arbind Joseph
    Arbind Joseph

    Often, instead of focusing time on talking to clients, developing retention strategies, and refining how things are done, recruiters and hiring teams are caught drowning in a sea of resumes and endless cold calls to potential candidates. Normally, there’s far too much on their plates and far too few resources to alleviate their workload, until now. Crintell Technologies, a powerful tool for recruiters, uses automation and artificial intelligence to give HR back the time it needs to do the most value-add work.

    Crintell Technology’s origins

    Created by Arbind Joseph, a software engineer who became a recruiting expert, Crintell stands for “comprehensive recruitment intelligence”, and has completely changed the landscape for recruiters in corporate settings. While leading a team of 150+ recruiters, Arbind Joseph began removing obstacles for his team and saw attrition rates decrease while employee satisfaction increased. However, he also began to realize how chaotic recruiting could truly be, allowing things to slip through the cracks.

    He noticed recruiters were spending a majority of their time – nearly 80% - searching for candidates on job boards, cold calling, and informing candidates about the job. These steps are all things that could be automated with the right tool, and thus, Crintell Technologies was born.

    Using Crintell in the US job market

    Recruiters all over the world are dealing with employees changing jobs, leaving their current jobs, and searching for new ones at record speeds. It’s being called the “great resignation”, and it is requiring more and more time from recruiters, but Crintell can help. Crintell is able to automatically save viewed resumes to a company’s applicant tracking system, create shortlists of potential candidates using AI, and send job information to qualified applicants. With Crintell, the recruiters can focus on speaking with interested applicants, coordinating interviews, and actually hiring employees.

    Organizations that use Crintell see the productivity of their recruiters increase by at least 3x; the tool is easy-to-use with a minimal learning curve, doesn’t require specialized technical skills, and can seamlessly integrate with most internal hiring software. In a time when recruiters are being asked to process a record number of applicants and fill a record number of open roles, it’s time for companies to invest in technology, automation, and process optimization. The answer is not hiring more recruiters, the answer is streamlining the role of recruiters.

    The numbers speak for themselves

    Arbind Joseph built his career working up the ladder in various recruiting roles until he became a leader and expert in the digital transformation of his field. To date, Crintell Technologies has over 7,000 recruiters using the platform daily, was able to automate what recruiters were spending nearly 80% of their time on, and is helping organizations across the globe get stronger and more efficient during one of the most trying times for recruiting.

    If someone told you that your recruiting organization could increase productivity by 3x, you wouldn’t hesitate to make that happen. Crintell is the answer. The platform offers two different products, is continuing to grow, and emphasizes a simple learning curve for all users. The industry is changing and the best thing you can do to keep up is to equip your recruiting teams with the technology they need to keep up.

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