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Small world on small screens

OSLO, NORWAY: There is no doubt that social media is king of the mobile phone. Fresh results from the Opera State of the Mobile Web report reveal that the social component is dominant in the surfing habits of the top 20 mobile-surfing countries.
Social networking has become the go-to function on the mobile Web, and different regions have their favourite sites. The Western world loves Facebook, while Russia and other CIS countries have taken vKontakte to their hearts.

Indonesia and the Philippines are on top of user participation on social networks. More than 77% of mobile web users in these countries visit Facebook and spend a lot of time socialising with friends online. Opera Software says the company itself has more than 400 000 fans on Facebook alone, growing rapidly as an important channel to communicate with users.

"We see that a significant portion of Opera Mini users choose to participate on social networks," said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera Software. "Although each country has its own most popular social network, one commonality is that those who frequent such sites use them heavily, as seen in the page-view statistics described in the report."

Read more about mobile social network habits in the State of the Mobile Web report:

Mini goes maxi

The Opera Mini browser continues to grow worldwide. In April 2011, it had over 107.1 million users, a 4.6% increase from March 2011. This puts the Opera Mini browser firmly tops as the world's most popular mobile browser.

Each State of the Mobile Web report focuses on specific regions to analyse local trends. This time, the region focus is on Russia and the CIS countries, where the following trends were noted:
  • The top 10 countries using the Opera Mini browser in the region are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

  • From April 2010 to April 2011, page views in the top 10 countries of the CIS increased by 198%, unique users increased by 65% and data transferred increased by 176%.
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