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Anti-corruption Z-Card produced for Vodacom Mozambique

Vodacom Mozambique recently appointed Z-Card Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI) to produce an anti-corruption Z-Card which the cellular network provider distributed with a free Vodacom SIM Starter Pack to tourists at various toll gates.
"In addition to the starter pack, Vodacom Mozambique and the Ministry of the Interior wanted to give tourists a handy guide of the country," says Lyn Davis, the marketing director of ZAMI.

The Z-Card, produced with one inner in English and the other in Portuguese, provides tourists with hints about border procedures, safe driving tips, and advice on what to do at an accident scene. It also contains information about the police in Mozambique.

"Tourists were also informed about Mozambique's Green Line, and emergency service contact line, whilst the Z-Cards contain other key contact numbers and the translation of some key phrases," adds Davis.

Vodacom Mozambique ordered 100,000 of the anti-corruption Z-Cards and distributed 50,000 of these over the festive period.

"The Z-Cards were produced slightly smaller than our standard credit card-size, specifically to fit into Vodacom's SIM starter pack, with which it was pre-packaged," adds Davis.
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