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PocketMedia produces new Maputo City Guide

PocketMedia Solutions, having already produced four runs of the eight-panel Z-Card, Maputo City Guide, has rolled out another pocket-sized guide ahead of the festive season, to ensure that tourists can find their way around the city with ease
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The Maputo City Guide is a free tourist map that is handed out at hotels, car hire companies, tourism hot spots and the Mozambique Consulate. They are also distributed via South African tour operators, who give them to their clients visiting Maputo.

The Z-Card features a front cover photograph of the natural history museum, whilst the inner contains a map, a restaurant guide, adventure activities and a section which draws tourists' attention to the things they must be sure not to miss when visiting the country.

"We needed to ensure that every visitor to Mozambique has access to our Maputo City Guide over the festive season. We have thus distributed an extra 10 000 cards to the Mozambique consulates and South African airlines," says David Ankers from Expresso Grafica - LDA in Maputo.
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