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Learnings from Facebook in Dublin

Popimedia was invited to take part in a social media manager's boot camp in Dublin during the first week of June.

A small team from the Ad-tech company attended to see how they fared against their European counterparts. The team were surprised to see that they not only fared well against their European counterparts but that Popimedia was one of few participants to be running lead-generation campaigns on Facebook.

There was a lot more for the team to learn, including updated stats for Africa and the latest key focus areas for Facebook.

Millennials are driving online spend

Amongst people surveyed across Kenya, Nigeria and SA, millennials are by far the most connected, accounting for 76% of connected people. Compared to their older compatriots, millennials are:

1.27 x more likely to exhaust their mobile data daily.

Image source: Facebook
Image source: Facebook
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Instagram Stories as a placement

Amongst other focuses such as Vertical Facebook videos on mobile and Instagram click to Messenger as an ad placement, Facebook is also set to release Instagram Stories as a placement. Whilst stories only last 24 hours, it’s an exciting opportunity for brands with respect to launches or key messages. The ad placement even features a CTA and can feature aspects such as pricing overlays.

The new shopping journey

Whilst we know that the majority of sales take place offline, people’s mobile-first connectivity seems to be producing a new type of shopper journey. Connected people express an openness to engaging with ads across a range of new platforms. A whopping 70% are open to engaging with ads on social media and 38% even say that do all their product research in mobile apps.

Image source: Facebook
Image source: Facebook
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So that’s what the team learned in Dublin, but closer to home, Popimedia also ran the very first “Digital influence in SA” research project. The research shows that more than 50% of South Africans browse their phones whilst waiting in line at a store and 68% have researched a product after seeing it on Facebook.

If you want to know more, be sure to register for the Popimedia Ad-tech Academies in Johannesburg and Cape Town in July. Go to for more.

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Lisa Steingold is a marketer, wannabe cyclist and author of Cut the Crap; the Power of Authenticity for Brands.
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