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Motor vehicle accidents cost construction sector R352m
Motor vehicle accidents cost construction sector R352mArticle

According to a 2018 report from the World Health Organization on road safety, South Africa has one of the worst overall motor vehicle accident (MVA) rates in the world...

3 days ago

The lack diagnostic laboratory systems exacerbates antibiotic resistance in Africa. Shutterstock
Antibiotic resistance: why tests are key to arresting the trendArticle

Infections are a leading cause of death worldwide. But widespread resistance to almost all available antibacterials is a reality in low and middle-income countries...

Cédric Yansouni, Matthew P Cheng 4 Oct 2019

Training and testing commercial drivers is crucial
Training and testing commercial drivers is crucialArticle

Transport and logistics companies often find themselves coming under fire when their drivers are involved in reckless driving incidents - particularly when substance abuse is involved...

Rhys Evans 21 Jun 2017

Tech, media and telco predictions for 2017: Deloitte Africa
Tech, media and telco predictions for 2017: Deloitte AfricaArticle

Deloitte Africa predicts that over 300 million smartphones, or more than one fifth of units sold in 2017, will have machine learning capabilities within the device...

16 Jan 2017

Car crash and wildfire claims to hit insurers after holiday carnageArticle

The festive season has not been kind to the country's largest insurers...

Moyagabo Maake 10 Jan 2017

Engage customers with mobile apps that provide wanted services
Engage customers with mobile apps that provide wanted servicesArticle

With growing competition for mobile subscribers' attention, organisations need to offer their customers personalised and valuable services to keep them returning to their mobile apps...

31 May 2016

Fanus Coetzee, Head of Adjustment Services at Santam
Santam introduces programme to reduce car repair costsArticle

The considerable increase in the cost of spare and replacement motor vehicle parts was one of the findings of the recently released Kinsey Report. The significance of this is the knock-on effect that such price hikes have on the overall cost of vehicle repairs...

18 Nov 2015

SANRAL spends R2.2bn on roadworks in Eastern Cape
SANRAL spends R2.2bn on roadworks in Eastern CapeArticle

There are currently 32 engineering projects with a combined value of R2.2bn taking place on the national road network in the Eastern Cape...

3 Aug 2015

Why you need disability cover
Why you need disability coverArticle

Think you're too young for disability cover? Think again...

15 Jul 2015

Research in the news: Long-term use of prescription opioids linked to higher mortality
Research in the news: Long-term use of prescription opioids linked to higher mortalityArticle

Taking prescription medications such as Vicodin or Oxycontin for long periods may increase a patient's risk of death from any cause, according to Yale researchers...

Ziba Kashef 23 Jun 2015

Insurers support introduction of mandatory third party insurance
Insurers support introduction of mandatory third party insuranceArticle

Aggressive underwriting, coupled with the escalating cost of motor vehicle repairs and replacements, has brought the long-term sustainability of the short-term insurance sector into question...

14 May 2015

If the booze doesn't get you, the stats will
If the booze doesn't get you, the stats willArticle

South Africa has a reputation of being a nation with an alcohol problem, but according to statistics on one website it is not a big killer...

Shaun Smillie 13 Apr 2015

Liberty's 2014 pay-out largest in company's history
Liberty's 2014 pay-out largest in company's historyArticle

Liberty's claims pay-out of R3bn for individual risk cover solutions during the 2014 financial year is the largest pay-out in the company's history since first publishing its claims statistics in 2006...

26 Mar 2015

Investec rewards learners with entrepreneurial potential
Investec rewards learners with entrepreneurial potentialArticle

Starting January 2013, hundreds of high-school learners from schools across the country participated in Junior Achievement South Africa's (JASA) Mini Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Academy Programmes gaining access to skills on how to manage their own small businesses.

30 Sep 2013

Discovery Insure has focus on continued growth
Discovery Insure has focus on continued growthArticle

Discovery Insure is introducing a range of new products and innovations to maintain its place as the fastest-growing insurer in SA.

Gillian Jones 25 Sep 2013

Construction industry concerned about accidents
Construction industry concerned about accidentsArticle

Federated Employers Mutual Assurance (FEM) has released statistics which indicate that over the past three years the number of accidents in the construction industry has decreased from 9150 in 2010 to 7947 in 2012. The number of fatalities is also down from 96 to 69.

25 Jun 2013

Google's driverless car's zero accident rate to shape motor industry
Google's driverless car's zero accident rate to shape motor industryArticle

Google's driverless car has now clocked more than 300 000 miles without a single accident whilst under the computer's control, raising the possibility of a future of driverless vehicles. Should such technology be widely adopted in South Africa it could also be the answer to reducing the high number of road accidents and may even result in reduced insurance premiums.

Warwick Scott-Rodger 3 Apr 2013

Buckle up and change lives!
Buckle up and change lives!Article

It is hard to believe that it is holiday time once again and many families are packing up their cars and heading off to their Easter break destinations. Certainly, when preparing for a long journey, most people focus on what clothes to pack; the holiday itinerary; making food for the trip and determining the quickest route. However, too often they do not pay enough attention to arriving at the destination safely.

Laurence Hillman 28 Mar 2013

Avoid buyer's remorse this festive season
Avoid buyer's remorse this festive seasonArticle

The festive season is again likely to bring on an increase of spending. The Spark Cash Index, which measures withdrawals across its ATMs throughout the country, reported a 2% year-on-year increase for the period 1 to 18 December last year, increasing from R436 in 2010 to R445 in 2011.

Laurence Hillman 26 Nov 2012

MUA Insurance reveals findings on driving perceptionsArticle

An online driver behaviour survey conducted by MUA Insurance company revealed some interesting findings about the differences between male and female motorists and their perceptions about their driving capability, driving under the influence of alcohol and speed limits. The survey respondents comprised of 93 males and 101 females.

27 Jun 2012

Driverless cars will affect insurance industry - MUA
Driverless cars will affect insurance industry - MUAArticle

The launch of a driverless vehicle has so far proven a success, with the vehicles having clocked up 200 000 kilometres in the US. While it may be some time before the technology reaches South Africa, it is likely to have far-reaching consequences for the insurance industry, if it does become commercialised.

25 Jun 2012

Licence suspension could lead to insurance claim repudiation - MUA
Licence suspension could lead to insurance claim repudiation - MUAArticle

The call from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) to suspend drivers licences of motorists convicted of certain traffic offices - including driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances, reckless, negligent or inconsiderate driving and excessive speeding - places offenders at risk of insurance claim repudiation should they be involved in an accident while their licences are suspended.

30 May 2012

Road deaths - an urgent appeal to all road users
Road deaths - an urgent appeal to all road usersArticle

Fathers have lost children and children have lost fathers. This is not the intended picture that Father's Day 2011 should paint.

20 Jun 2011

Study reveals a potential target for treating brain trauma
Study reveals a potential target for treating brain traumaArticle

Brain damage continues to develop and evolve for months after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), revealing a potential target for treatments to improve brain trauma, new research led by the University of Melbourne, Australia has found.

3 Nov 2010

PIASA course on clinical trials
PIASA course on clinical trialsArticle

The Pharmaceutical Industry Association of South Africa (PIASA) recently sponsored a course in Durban under the auspices of the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD). The course was designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct clinical trials according to current good clinical practice (GCP).

11 Oct 2010

New study sheds light on recovery from intoxication
New study sheds light on recovery from intoxicationArticle

A new study shows the impact of alcohol intoxication on reasoning and problem-solving abilities and may explain why some people feel they have recovered enough to drive after drinking.

19 Aug 2010

Anxiety or depression do not raise teen's risk for motor vehicle accidentsArticle

Teen drivers are four times more likely to be involved in motor vehicle crashes than older drivers, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, but anxiety and depression do not play a role in teen motor vehicle accidents, a new study finds.

19 May 2010

Holiday drinking - keep it safe!
Holiday drinking - keep it safe!Article

The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) has some useful tips for you on how to drink responsibly over the festive season.

24 Dec 2009

Smoking, a matter of the heart, not just the lungsArticle

When one thinks of smoking, the odds are lung cancer and diseases of the breathing system spring to mind. But smoking's impact on health goes far beyond this. Cigarette smoking is also a major contributor to the diseases of the heart and blood vessels that are the number one cause of death worldwide.

23 Sep 2009

Babies and toddlers have double the risk of head injuriesArticle

Australian researchers have revealed that babies and toddlers have double the risk of head injuries than children of any other age and they have called for parents to exercise more vigilance.

21 Jul 2009

Cell phone use dangerous, on foot or while drivingArticle

New research has found that cells phones can increase the risk of accidents for pedestrians as well as for drivers.

5 Mar 2009

Effect of domestic levies on fuel priceArticle

The Minister of Finance has proposed increases in two levies used to determine the price of petrol and diesel, as of 1 April 2009.

23 Feb 2009

Netcare releases shocking accident statistics - “SA motorists are failing their children!”Article

Shocking national statistics revealed by Netcare's trauma division today indicate that 32.5% of children, under the age of 12, involved in motor vehicle accidents, were seriously injured simply because they were not properly restrained. Of these children almost 30% were under the age of two years.

Issued by Martina Nicholson Associates 26 Nov 2008

SBV shows its commitment to staff safetyArticle

Local medical supply company, Mkhuseli Trauma Products, have concluded a deal with SBV Services which will see field cash-in-transit personnel being issued with a customised “Critical Bleeding Kit” containing the internationally renowned HemCon haemostatic wound dressings.

Issued by Julian Fouché 8 Oct 2008

Safest spot for infant car seatArticle

A new study has shown that placing your child's car seat in the centre of the back seat cuts the risk of injury in a crash.

11 May 2008

Company news: Life saving haemorrhage control from South AfricaArticle

Mkhuseli Trauma Products announces the release of HEMCON® life saving products in South Africa.

Issued by Mkhuseli Trauma Products 26 Feb 2008

It's safer to run a marathon than to drive the roadsArticle

Organised marathons are not associated with an increased risk of sudden death, contrary to general perceptions.

2 Jan 2008

Students get road rage about drunken drivingArticle

The only non-profit organisation involved in road safety in South Africa, Drive Alive, recently approached students at the AAA School of Advertising's Johannesburg campus to develop print advertisements to help drum up awareness around the perils of drunken and reckless driving.

15 Sep 2005

Law-On-Call launch campaign elicits excellent responseArticle

Full-service agency FCB Johannesburg's launch campaign for Law-On-Call, the innovative new legal assistance product from First National Bank, has elicited an outstanding response.

Issued by FCB 30 Nov 2004

Netcare to sponsor South Africa's first Chair of Emergency MedicineArticle

The Health Sciences Faculty at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) has announced that medical training in emergency healthcare is set to receive a major boost via a R2.5 million sponsorship from private healthcare organisation, Network Healthcare Holdings Limited (Netcare).

Issued by Marcus Brewster Publicity JHB 31 Jul 2003

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