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How Jameson mixed up their marketing efforts during Covid-19
How Jameson mixed up their marketing efforts during Covid-19Article

Brands in all sectors of the economy have come through Covid-19 with varying degrees of success. The liquor industry was of course hard hit...

Beatrice Marfleet 30 Mar 2021

Government wants liquor ads ban
Government wants liquor ads banArticle

The Department of Health is seeking a ban on alcohol advertising in the controversial Liquor Amendment Bill now with the Cabinet...

Linda Ensor 26 Feb 2018

Restriction on liquor advertising - Is the industry ready for the 'liquor amendment bill' outcome?
Restriction on liquor advertising - Is the industry ready for the 'liquor amendment bill' outcome?Article

Join AMASA Joburg as they host the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association (SALBA) to get an update on the "liquor amendment bill"...

Issued by Amasa 11 Aug 2017

Hospitality industry needs answers on proposed Liquor Amendment Bill
Hospitality industry needs answers on proposed Liquor Amendment BillArticle

The hospitality industry is concerned about the unfavourable implications the amendment bill will have. “As it is we don't know where we stand and we need answers...”

16 May 2017

State proposes tough alcohol control rules
State proposes tough alcohol control rulesArticle

The government is proposing to raise the legal minimum age of drinking from 18 to 21 years and to prohibit liquor advertising which targets youth in a bid to curb alcohol abuse...

Linda Ensor 4 Oct 2016

Image via Pixabay
Cabinet mulls crackdown on booze advertsArticle

This week, the cabinet could approve policy recommendations that would lead to the disappearance of marketing of alcoholic beverages from primetime slots on TV...

Asha Speckman 7 Jun 2016

Chris Moerdyk
Government on an ad-banning rollArticle

It was entirely predictable that after a relatively trouble-free and politically safe banning of tobacco product advertising almost two decades ago, government would turn its attention to liquor, fast food and a raft of other forms of advertising...

Chris Moerdyk 12 Nov 2014

Chris Moerdyk
Bad news for media and marketersArticle

The spectre of advertising bans on liquor and fast food advertising as well as restrictive onslaughts against the media are glaringly evident in Jacob Zuma's choice of cabinet.

Chris Moerdyk 29 May 2014

Beverage tax aimed at reducing alcohol abuse
Beverage tax aimed at reducing alcohol abuseArticle

A major review of the taxation of alcoholic beverages is being undertaken by the Treasury as a contribution to the government's fight against alcohol abuse and is likely to result in higher taxes and prices.

Linda Ensor 6 May 2014

[2014 trends] Taking deep breaths in marketing and media
[2014 trends] Taking deep breaths in marketing and mediaArticle

The primary trend in 2014, in my opinion, will be taking deep breaths to try and make practical sense of the tsunami of technology and radical consumer changes that have taken place in the past few years. And top priority will be:

Chris Moerdyk 20 Jan 2014

Advertising changing tastes
Advertising changing tastesArticle

Are South Africans obsessed with their stomachs? Nearly half the nation's favourite TV commercials in 2012 were for quick-service restaurant and fast-food chains.

11 Mar 2013

Alcohol advertising by other meansArticle

Any crackdown on liquor advertising will be undermined by the internet and social media, says Yoav Tchelet, of dotJWT, the digital division of advertising agency JWT.

6 Aug 2012

Liquor licences hard to swallow
Liquor licences hard to swallowArticle

A war on alcohol abuse has been declared by government. It is a laudable objective, say liquor industry players, but warn that the high-handed approach is threatening to seriously damage an industry that directly and indirectly employs 550000 people and generates R330bn in annual revenue.

18 Jun 2012

Liquor licences - regulator's methods are hard to swallowArticle

A dark cloud hangs over the liquor industry in the form of the recently leaked draft bill on a proposed new National Liquor Act. "The National Liquor Bill as leaked may not be in its final form but, as it stands, is draconian in the extreme," says Adrian Botha, a consultant to the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use.

Stafford Thomas 15 Jun 2012

Free magazines: two new launch, others close
Free magazines: two new launch, others closeArticle

Two new free magazines are entering the market - On Route magazine, which has its first issue on 4 June 2012 and Beer, which has just launched a prototype run - while Media24 Famous Publishing last week announced it has closed its Gauteng-based community titles with immediate effect, resulting in the loss of 12 positions.

16 Apr 2012

Chris Moerdyk
Ad and media industries need to prove relevanceArticle

Unless South African consumers can be convinced of the importance of advertising to the economy and its crucial role in keeping prices down, government will continue to target the ad industry with "politically safe" ad bans and restrictions.

Chris Moerdyk: @chrismoerdyk 27 Sep 2011

Proposed ban on alcohol advertising affects SMEs most
Proposed ban on alcohol advertising affects SMEs mostArticle

Commenting on the proposed outright banning of alcohol advertising, Out of Home Media South Africa (OHMSA) believes this will affect the industry's SMEs ie the billposting companies responsible for flighting the advertisements and companies that maintain the media owner's plant in the field.

23 Sep 2011

SABC: Unions have had their Phil of Molefe. Already!
SABC: Unions have had their Phil of Molefe. Already!Article

NEWSWATCH: And it's back... Making the news instead of reporting it, that is - the SABC. First off, a couple of unions reckon that whoever is right for the job of GCEO, Phil Molefe ain't it, reports IOL, which also reports our national broadcaster has fumbled the ball over the Rugby World Cup coverage. Still on the SABC, axed acting GCEO Rob Nicholson might have his head on the block, if claims by former SABC exec Phumelele Ntombela-Nzimande are correct, reports The New Age. Finally, on the alcohol ad ban front, Chris Moerdyk has some figures that might give sleepless nights at the SABC, reports IOL.

6 Jul 2011

Booze on the ban wagon?Article

A mooted ban on liquor advertising to reduce alcohol abuse would lead to a R2,5bn loss in advertising and sponsorship revenue for the SA market, says the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA).

Xolile Bhengu 27 May 2011

Putting a band aid on alcohol abuse?
Putting a band aid on alcohol abuse?Article

The ban of alcohol advertising has been on the lips of government officials from not too long after tobacco advertising lost its public appearance rights in 1999. Now with political muscle behind the contentious restrictions bill, a full on ban of all alcohol advertising seems imminent.

Odette van der Haar 15 Mar 2011

Ogilvy Joburg: third time AdFocus Ad Agency of the Year
Ogilvy Joburg: third time AdFocus Ad Agency of the YearArticle

Having previously been crowned Financial Mail AdFocus Advertising Agency of the Year in 2006 and 2009, Ogilvy Johannesburg won it yet again last night, Wednesday, 24 November 2010 at the this year's awards evening at Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

25 Nov 2010

ACA on proposed alcohol advertising banArticle

Should Government's proposed amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations be passed, it would mean that all alcohol product advertisements or any advertisement depicting alcohol products on a variety of media will be banned. Odette Roper, CEO of the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) examines the proposed regulation and sheds light on the effect it is likely to have on the advertising profession.

12 Dec 2008

Chris Moerdyk
Ban on junk food advertising is misguidedArticle

A strident call this week from a group of "influential international obesity experts" meeting at a global conference in Australia, to the World Health Organisation to ban junk food advertising, is another voice adding to the demand for action by the WHO to stop the world from eating itself to death.

Chris Moerdyk 14 Sep 2006

Chris Moerdyk
Govt has no option but to ban liquor ads Article

The recent announcement by health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, that government will most likely be able to move ahead this year with alcohol abuse curbs - including banning advertising - comes as no surprise. What will also come as no surprise will be the reaction of the media and the ad industry to this announcement. Or rather, the almost complete lack of reaction. Just as they did when tobacco advertising was banned, the industry will simply roll over and play dead.

Chris Moerdyk 13 Feb 2006

A crime free SA could cause a recession!Article

"It makes my hair stand on end... a crime free South Africa?" said Fred as he swirled his Klippies and water, no ice, in its glass. Apparently the discussion at a recent industry gathering had to do with the hint of an impending ban on alcoholic beverage advertising.

Fred Says... 21 Nov 2004

Industry urged to unite over imminent liquor ad regulationsArticle

Greg Stewart, General Manager: Sales, at South Africa's popular daily newspaper, The Citizen, is concerned about the lack of reaction from the advertising, media, and marketing industries to Government's intention to regulate advertising of liquor products.

Issued by Owlhurst Communications 27 May 2003

Nielsen Media Research International predicts second-half rebound in global ad salesArticle

The world's advertising spending should grow by about 2% in 2002, according to a new forecast by Nielsen Media Research International. The first half decline will be offset by a slight second half increase in developed countries and a sharp (10%) increase in emerging countries such as China.

4 Jun 2002

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