pierre cassuto

Business Development Manager at Kagiso New Media
Location:South Africa


Business development manager at Kagiso Media

Pierre Cassuto looks after growing the Kagiso New Media business via innovation, strategic initiatives and partnerships. Relatively new to the world of publishing, he gained extensive experience in both marketing and advertising while working for Ogilvy in Paris and then Johannesburg. He helped TV, digital and film production company, Both Worlds, launch ZANews, now SA's most awarded online comedy show. Cassuto holds a Bachelor of Business Science from the University of Cape Town.
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'Content' overboard

Pierre Cassuto explains why being asked for a 'content' strategy irks him and how companies can 'swim' on their own in the digital pool...

By pierre cassuto 18 Dec 2017

From broadcaster to coffee shop - the new role of the digital publisher

Many marketers still think about advertising in digital media in the same way as they thought about placing ads in traditional media...

By pierre cassuto 28 Jul 2014

Time to lay these digital publishing myths to rest

Digital publishing and advertising is a sophisticated, high-tech industry where we have an array of statistics and metrics at our fingertips...

By pierre cassuto 21 Jul 2014

New trends reshaping the digital news business

Today's most successful digital publishers are those that build their businesses around their readers first, which in turn helps them to build quality audiences that they can sell to their advertisers.

By pierre cassuto 15 Jul 2014

Online publishing - A bad impression

For years, online publishers have priced their advertising inventory by thousands of impressions (CPM) and provided CPM as the major metric their advertisers can use to benchmark digital advertising campaigns.

By pierre cassuto 19 Feb 2014

The click is not the only currency in online advertising

Advertisers, agencies and publishers in South Africa are vastly undervaluing the worth of digital advertising by measuring its value only through the click-throughs it achieves.

By pierre cassuto 10 Oct 2013

Targeting the black guy

Comedians may be culprits of perpetuating myths for cheap laughs but we marketers (and advertisers) are no better. We continue to use skin colour as a shortcut to box attributes onto potential audiences. Ask yourselves: when was the last time you saw the description of a target market that did not feature a reference to skin colour?

By pierre cassuto 17 Nov 2011

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