Mike Stopforth

CEO at Cerebra
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Google talk:mstopforth


Mike is the founder and CEO of Cerebra, a specialist in social media and social business consulting, education and implementation for corporate brands. Now as part of the Wunderman Group following its acquisition in 2013, Cerebra provides support to one of the largest digital agencies in the country...
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Tactical war rooms: The key to sponsorship success

Mike Stopforth elaborates on how brands can leverage tactical war rooms for content excellence around sponsorship properties...

By Mike Stopforth 30 Aug 2018

#BCXDisrupt2017: "Social instability will get us long before AI does."

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone use the words innovation or disruption in a boardroom or conference venue in the last ten years, I'd have 0.892 bitcoin. Sadly, there is an inverse correlation between the number of people who talk about innovation and disruption, and the number of people who actually innovate and disrupt...

By Mike Stopforth 5 Dec 2017

The importance of networking and mentoring as an entrepreneur

The word "entrepreneur" is often synonymous with glamour and a maverick lifestyle. When things are going swimmingly, being an entrepreneur is all of those things...

By Mike Stopforth 16 Mar 2015

The connected consumer code of ethics

There is much being said about how brands should engage with customers in social media. Words like "authenticity", "transparency", "immediacy", "personability" and others are bandied about as we as consultants, together with our clients, figure out the rules of content and community online.

By Mike Stopforth 26 Sep 2011

The next step for social media

The honeymoon is over. Much of the hype and noise surrounding social media and its meteoric rise (especially in the USA) has abated. Perhaps owing to the global economic crisis, arguably due to the apparent lack of sustainable business models and possibly as a result of some semblance of reasonable thinking, we're no longer reading about $1.6 billion investments in YouTube and $15 billion Facebook valuations.

By Mike Stopforth 18 Nov 2008

Why employees should use Facebook

Lately the press has been reporting that corporates in South Africa are starting to block employee access to social networking site, Facebook. If you're looking for a business reason why you should allow them to, I'll give you five...

By Mike Stopforth 7 Aug 2007

How to harness the networking power of del.icio.us

Have you arrived here hoping to take over the world the del.icio.us way without reading part one? For those of you with your del.icio.us accounts ready and raring to go, let's dive back in and discover the power of its networking functionality.

By Mike Stopforth 19 Mar 2007

How to use del.icio.us to take over the world

The value of del.icio.us - a social bookmarking application - is often misperceived, and its potential underestimated. You see, just being able to store your WWW bookmarks remotely is not sexy enough. Being able to share them with millions of other users, and in turn being able to interrogate the collective bookmarking efforts of those millions of other del.icio.us users in a very powerful way, is.

By Mike Stopforth 9 Mar 2007

The power of customer evangelism

I felt like a Reach for a Dream candidate. I kept looking over my shoulder to check whether or not I was being followed by a Candid Camera crew. What am I going on about? A few weeks back I wrote an article for The Citizen about things I wanted to do before I die. One of my goals was, and is, to drive an Aston Martin.

By Mike Stopforth 22 Nov 2006

Half-baked - the Stork margarine blogging advert

Well done to Stork and the agency behind its new TV ad for picking up on a progressive trend - blogging - and attempting to reach a target demographic with it. But I must agree with a friend's sentiments that they have lost out on an enormous opportunity to capitalise on the significant Web buzz created by the first few screenings of the advert.

By Mike Stopforth 14 Nov 2006

Web 2.0 for beginners

There's HEEEUUUUUUGE hype and buzz (650 000 000 Google search results) all over the Internet around Web 2.0, but very little explanation. So what is Web 2.0 really, and why should you care?

By Mike Stopforth 7 Aug 2006


One of the many reasons I like Firefox - the free, open source web browser - is that the community supporting Firefox continually comes up with little applications, called extensions, that through a simple installation process add great functionality to my browsing experience. One such extension, a very recent addition to the stacks of existing Firefox add-ons, is GooglePedia.

By Mike Stopforth 19 Jun 2006

Why aren't you using RSS?

RSS is everywhere. It is possibly the biggest breakthrough in web technology since HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol) first enabled us to browse the world wide web. So why aren't more companies using RSS?

By Mike Stopforth 18 Apr 2006

US car rental firm takes blogging to the next level

Budget car rentals in the United States, www.budget.com, is making waves in marketing and advertising circles with the launch of Up Your Budget, www.upyourbudget.com, a 16-city treasure hunt campaign with total prize money of $160k ($10k per winner, per city). The concept is significant as it marks the birth of the first entirely blog-based viral contest campaign in marketing history.

By Mike Stopforth 31 Oct 2005

Your customers are doing it - are you?

To blog or not to blog... your customers are doing it. The question is - are you? Blogs ('weblogs') are a force to be reckoned with. They have exploded onto the global scene, evolving rapidly from a miniscule technical fad to a media phenomenon. Businesses need to know how to deal with blogs, and must decide if and how to use this powerful new technology.

By Mike Stopforth 30 Oct 2005

Blogging: A Multi-Million Dollar Industry

News broke on 6 October 2005 that media monolith AOL forked out $25 million to acquire Weblogs Inc., a network of just over 80 popular, industry-leading blogs. All this happened while rumours spread of talks between Gawker Media, another prominent blog network, and News Corp. Hundreds of venture capital investors are watching fast-growing blogs and blog networks (9rules, as another example), searching relentlessly for the next big thing. Without question, blogging has evolved from geeky fad to mainstream medium.

By Mike Stopforth 18 Oct 2005

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