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Commercial & Residential Property Finance
Lizette Vilonel
Rebosa takes EAAB to court over 'ongoing service delivery issues'
The EAAB is a useless goverment body, only to collect fees. It does not serve any purpose, nor does it contribute in any way to better or assist the estate agent industry. It must totally be closed down. A smaller private body for Fedility certificates and training will be much more effective.
Posted on 9 Feb 2021 11:19
Lizette Vilonel
Windhoek ad called out for suggesting toxic masculinity
What utter nonsense! Real men drink real beer is a marketing slogan. The whimps that feel offended is obviously not real men and should stay with their coolaid. What is a toxic male? There is no such thing. A made up narative by the nutty whimpy left. Real heterosexual men is in these adds. And we LOVE them!
Posted on 22 Jan 2021 16:29
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