Lara-Anne Derbyshire

Strategist at Boomtown
Location:South Africa


Lara is a brand specialist who has been in the advertising industry for 10+ years. Her key areas of interest are consumer behaviour & psychology and impact thereof on creating brand positioning and strategies that solve business challenges and truly resonate with consumers.

A glimpse into Mind(set) and meeting the South African shopper in the moment...

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire 27 Mar 2019

Are you asking the why beyond the why?

Your company is planning on launching a competitive product offering to new regions that, if successful, is set to shake up the market and monumentally increase your brand awareness and profit margins across the country. The most important thing to plan your go to market strategy? Know thy customer...

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire 18 Apr 2018

#InnovationMonth: The creative conscience

In today's world of ever-shrinking resources and ever-mounting constraints, we need creativity more than ever before. - David H. Cropley...

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire 21 Sep 2016

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