John Loos

Property Sector Strategist: FNB Commercial Property Finance
Location:South Africa


John Loos is Property Sector Strategist: FNB Commercial Property Finance
While repo rate breathes life into residential property, commercial sector remains subdued

The sounds emanating from the property market in recent months seem to point to two almost totally different worlds...

By John Loos 18 Sep 2020

Impact of remote working, changing office market could be far-reaching

Ever since the Covid-19 hard lockdowns began in all seriousness across the world earlier this year, the world has been abuzz with talk of how the crisis has changed the world...

By John Loos 14 Sep 2020

Slow new household formation likely to dampen residential rental market

The pace of new household formation is likely to slow during and shortly after the current recessionary period, constrained by a lack of new employment creation and widespread household financial pressure...

By John Loos 21 Aug 2020

SA property prospects as we look beyond Covid-19 lockdowns

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the world a lot, perhaps less through introducing new trends and more through speeding up old trends...

By John Loos 18 Jun 2020

Weak economy expected to keep average commercial property vacancy rate rising

We head into 2020 with little in the way of improvement in key leading economic indicators, suggesting to us that the commercial property market will likely see "more of the same" this year...

By John Loos 21 Jan 2020

2018 Q2 data shows new mortgage lending growth fading

Second quarter 2018 SARB New Mortgage Lending data showed slower year-on-year growth in the value of new mortgage loans granted compared to the previous quarter...

By John Loos 28 Sep 2018

FNB Mining Towns House Price Indices growth rates slow

The FNB Mining Towns House Price Indices growth rates have slowed in recent quarters...

By John Loos 8 May 2018

Further housing market weakness noted in Q4 2017 survey, but this may change soon

As at the time of the fourth quarter FNB Estate Agent Survey in November, agents had not yet perceived any strengthening in the housing market, according to all of the major survey questions...

By John Loos 24 Jan 2018

Average first-time home buying percentage stabilised in 2017 after two years of decline

According to the FNB Estate Agent Surveys through 2017, the estimated average first-time home buyer level was 20.27% of total home buying for the year...

By John Loos 18 Jan 2018

Housing “bubbles” and “over-exuberant” periods - always a subjective call

Periods of strong housing market price growth can often be a cause for concern...

By John Loos 6 Sep 2017

FNB Mining Towns House Price Index shows underperformance

The FNB Mining Towns House Price Indices have in recent times, unsurprisingly, shown an “underperformance” in growth relative to the overall country...

By John Loos 12 May 2017

Emigration, semigration up moderately in recent years

Emigration is something of a cyclical phenomenon, it would appear...

By John Loos 8 Feb 2017

Retail sales growth expected to underperform economic growth

This year could prove to be a tough year for retailers, with real retail sales growth expected to underperform economic growth...

By John Loos 5 Jan 2017

Retail property still being built at a brisk pace

June Retail Building Statistics complete the second quarter building picture, and pointed to a still-brisk pace of retail space building activity for the second quarter as a whole...

By John Loos 19 Aug 2016

Residential unit completions growth is weak

For the month of June, square metres' worth of residential buildings completed rose by 12.4% year-on-year. This represents a strengthening from the prior months' slower growth of +2.7%...

By John Loos 19 Aug 2016

The retail numbers

Real retail sales growth for October continued to record a reasonably healthy growth rate under the weak economic circumstances...

By John Loos 14 Dec 2015

Are high real housing values really a good thing?

Are high and forever-rising residential property prices really a good thing? Many seem to think so, but perhaps not if one considers the broader economic benefits of affordable property...

By John Loos 10 Nov 2015

House price indices cause misinterpretation of property values

There exists a view that property values are capable of 'holding up' in...

By John Loos 5 Nov 2015

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