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James Hurford
[Marketing & Media] For every major document, let time elapse between your first and second drafts – at least over night. Then come at it with a questioning eye and a ruthless attitude.
Posted 8 years ago | Like
James Hurford
[Marketing & Media] Mark Twain said that writers should strike out every third word on principle. "You have no idea what vigour it adds to your style.”
Posted 8 years ago | Like
James Hurford
[Marketing & Media] Never be content with your first draft. Rewrite, with an eye toward simplifying and clarifying. Rearrange. Revise. Above all, cut.
Posted 8 years ago | Like
James Hurford
[Marketing & Media] @ Nthabiseng Mhlambi. Yes, telegrams do still exist.
Posted 8 years ago | Like
James Hurford
[Marketing & Media] Short sentences and short paragraphs – are easier to read than long ones. Send telegrams, not essays.
Posted 8 years ago | Like (3)
Nthabiseng Mhlambi
Hi, I was aking a friend of mine if telegrams still existed but he didnt know, do they still exist, just curious. Posted 8 years ago


The confidence killers

Doubts and fears are confidence killers. In fact, they're the opposite to confidence. Doubts and fears can lead to indecision and procrastination, stopping you from taking action...

By James Hurford 14 Mar 2016


The secret of all great success and achievement

Self-confidence. Without it, you can't achieve anything. With it, you can achieve everything. To overcome any obstacle, or to achieve any goal and to become successful - you have to believe in yourself...

By James Hurford 5 Feb 2016


Nobody cares about you - they care about themselves, their problems and their dreams

Show people how you can solve their problems and help them reach their dreams, and you'll capture their hearts and minds.

By James Hurford 25 Jun 2015


How to write persuasive messages

Persuasive copy should always grab the reader's attention, secure their interest, stimulate their desire for the goods or service, and lastly, motivate them to take action...

By James Hurford 13 Mar 2015


Tips to being a better speaker

Speaking well is one of the most important skills you can develop. Personal relationships, social interactions and work situations all require you to communicate to other people...

By James Hurford 18 Feb 2015


'The Golden Thread'

When writing a speech you need to be crystal clear about the message you're trying to get across. Speeches audiences remember tend to follow this principle - they have a single thread that runs through the whole talk...

By James Hurford 14 Feb 2015


Persuasive power - ethos, pathos and logos

2300 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote down the secret to being a persuasive speaker. This secret forms the basis of nearly every public speaking book written since...

By James Hurford 26 Jan 2015


Never be nervous again

The fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of all fears. It ranks far above the fear of death, heights, sickness, jumping out of a plane or loneliness...

By James Hurford 24 Dec 2014


How to have more impact

The more prepared your speech, the more impact it will have...

By James Hurford 22 Nov 2014


20 powerful secrets of persuasion

Your ability to persuade and influence people - to get them to understand, accept and act upon your ideas - is crucial to your success...

By James Hurford 24 Oct 2014


How to be a more natural speaker

Marlon Brando is probably the most famous cue card user in movie history. Brando claimed he used to, "Write my lines on actors faces or pinned cue cards on their costumes."...

By James Hurford 1 Oct 2014


20 tips to being a better speaker

No matter who you are or what you do, speaking well is one of the most important skills you can develop. Personal relationships, social interactions and work situations all require you to communicate to other people...

By James Hurford 25 Sep 2014


While you're speaking, what's your body saying?

Like it or not people judge you by the way you look. Your facial expressions, the clothes you wear, how well groomed you are and your body language...

By James Hurford 8 Sep 2014


Why you need credibility to be successful

Your ideas are accepted as believable only to the degree that you are credible. If you have credibility, people will place their trust in you...

By James Hurford 26 Aug 2014


Four secrets of the world's greatest speakers

John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan... they all learnt that if you want to inspire and motivate people your spirit has to enter...

By James Hurford 7 Aug 2014


How to avoid the public speaking willies

We've all seen it happen - the stumbling over words, the awful hesitations and lost lines...

By James Hurford 7 Jul 2014


What makes a leader great... great communication

To become a great leader, you must become a great communicator. You cannot become a great leader, if you cannot speak well.

By James Hurford 24 Jun 2014


Let's simplify jargon and gobbledygook

It's everywhere - in business, in government in organisations... Jargon (along with its equally unwelcome cousin, gobbledygook).

By James Hurford 25 Mar 2014


Paragraphs - the building blocks of writing

Paragraphs remain one of the most important parts of writing. They serve as containers for ideas and help break up large chunks of text...

By James Hurford 13 Mar 2014


The comma - tough to master and easy to mess up

We're dropping commas more than ever because much of our daily writing now consists of quick text messages and hastily typed emails.

By James Hurford 17 Feb 2014

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