Ekari Mbvundula

Freelance Writer and Environmental Scientist
Location:South Africa
Google talk:ekarimbvundula@gmail.com


A refreshing blend of science and creativity, Ekari has experience in environmental research at the community level, and freelance writing for magazines - both fiction and non-fiction (researched) articles. She is a report writer and playwright with the flexibility to adjust her style to suit your project. Open to both freelance projects and permanent job positions.
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Ekari Mbvundula
[Marketing & Media] Are the recent strikes self-defeating? The unrest is causing conspicuous weakening of the Rand...so salaries go up, but their Rands will be worth less. Is there a more sensible method?
Posted 6 years ago | Like
Ekari Mbvundula
My dear unemployed communications graduate - an open letter
Aside from some of the surprisingly heated comments... I totally agree with constant up-skilling. That fragile dream that a degree was enough to stand out from the pack was shattered ages ago. Thank you Mbali, this post helped a great deal. I will write a similar one when I've made my big break!
Posted on 10 Oct 2012 13:06
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