Dr KF Lai is co-founder and CEO of BuzzCity (, a mobile media company in the development and marketing of mobile services and entertainment globally. Email moc.yticzzub@hsih.
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A mobile Africa: innovation is key

2012 saw the BuzzCity network grow by 67% with over 210.8 billion ads served across the globe and this extensive growth in mobile usage is certain to continue as we move through 2013.

By Dr KF Lai 21 Feb 2013


[2013 trends] Africa finding its own solutions using mobile tech

There are several key trends that will present themselves in 2013. From m-payments to HIV/AIDS prevention, emerging markets are leading the way when it comes to innovative uses of mobile technology. Marketers, too, are seeing their roles and responsibilities expand.

By Dr KF Lai 25 Jan 2013


Mobile social networking and business

Consumers are spending more of their online lives on social networks. For many, these services have become the hub of their online activities, and mobile devices are a major tool for accessing these social networks.

By Dr KF Lai 31 Oct 2011


Digital marketing is mainstream... so is mobile

Digital marketing has become mainstream. Many decision-makers view online marketing now as an advantage, especially with many businesses depending on a particular web presence and viewing this medium as an essential part of their presence. However, a traditional web presence is no longer enough, especially with more consumers adopting mobile in their daily lives.

By Dr KF Lai 4 Jul 2011


M-commerce is ready to leap forward

E-commerce has been making waves for years and consumers have higher levels of trust and confidence in remote shopping than ever before. Yet there are millions of people in both developed and developing markets whose primary connection to the internet is via a mobile device. So, it's surprising to those of us who work in the mobile internet, that the leap from fixed internet-based e-commerce to mobile commerce hasn't been quicker.

By Dr KF Lai 29 Jun 2011


Mobile: it starts with the consumer

The '50s and '60s were the mainframe era, the '70s were the mini-computer era and the '80s and '90s were the era of the desktop and Internet. The current cycle is the era of the mobile Internet. The rapid rise of mobile Internet use will be a boon to consumers and some companies will win big while many will wonder what just happened.

By Dr KF Lai 26 May 2011


Keep it simple... making a great mobisite

At BuzzCity, we get to see a many mobile sites on a daily basis, particularly because there are thousands of publisher partner sites on our ad network. Here are my top five picks of some great mobisites in South Africa that have remained successful because of their design and user-friendly features.

By Dr KF Lai 8 Apr 2011


Mobile banking opportunities in Africa

Mobile-savvy consumers want to do more for their phones and this presents opportunities for Africa's banks and their merchant partners.

By Dr KF Lai 17 Mar 2011


Global mobile user survey released

SINGAPORE: Despite mobile device functionality becoming ever more sophisticated, research, released this week by mobile media company BuzzCity, shows that mobiles are actually sustaining, not replacing, consumer demand for PCs.

By Dr KF Lai 16 Feb 2011


[2011 trends] Harnessing the mobile Internet in SA

Despite the sluggish economic growth of 2010, mobile advertising and marketing became the fastest-growing marketing medium. Here's what to look forward to in 2011.

By Dr KF Lai 13 Jan 2011

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