Daisy Rowley

Professional PhD Writer at DoMyWriting
Location:Los Angeles, United States


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    What is a Book Review?
    Book reviews can be as short as a paragraph or expand into a hefty essay. They can also be something similar to a simple summary* or a long winded literary critique showing off the author's snazzy reading skills while they simultaneously pass judgement.
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    Essay Writer, Paper making and binding, Edit and translate, Writing, WRITING OF BUSINESS PLANS, Wriiten & Communication skills, paperwork


    Year completed:2016
    Education level:Doctorate
    Final year subjects:As a student, you have access to a variety of resources—career advisement, networking events, workshops, and job postings—to help you make your impact in the world. The Office of Career Services offers career coaching and advice, provides access to a wealth of resources that you can use in your career search, and much more.
    Institution:New York University
    Location:New York, United States