Babalwa Nyembezi

Social Media Specialist at Havas Boondoggle
Location:South Africa


Babalwa is a trained storyteller who believes that social media has the potential to change the world as we know it. She believes emphatically in the power of creative content, and strives to see brands stretching the boundaries in how they tell their stories everyday. Connect and engage with her on Twitter: @babs_nyembezi.
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Your brand should be telling Stories

Instagram Stories now lets you host a poll, but maybe you're struggling to share your brand purpose using Stories (and to keep up with the millennials). Here are a few ideas on how you can start thinking about telling better stories...

By Babalwa Nyembezi 25 Oct 2017

On a scale of Coca-Cola to Pepsi: How to make your brand pop on social media

In a world where everyone is constantly scrolling down their screen, it's easy for brands' content to get lost in the clutter of posts on the timeline. Here's how to make content pop!...

By Babalwa Nyembezi 13 Sep 2017

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