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Andre Rademan

CEO and Co-Founder,
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CEO and Co-Founder,




Andre Rademan
[Marketing & Media] Interview with the man behind Google+ development, Joseph Smarr:
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Andre Rademan
[Marketing & Media] created a petition for SA's Secrecy Bill:
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Andre Rademan
Encrypted traffic: making what's vulnerable more visible
Thanks for your comments... To clarify, the pages on Bizcommunity requiring passwords are currently secure. This page is an article content page and does not strictly need to be secure, although google has started recommended all pages move over to a secure connection, and therefore Bizcommunity is transitioning on 1 December when the site traffic is less to minimise any issues. Regards, Andre Rademan, Co-founder & CEO.
Posted on 6 Nov 2018 17:58
Andre Rademan
However you word it, Uber is a taxi company... UK ruling says
Ridiculous in my view... If you don't want to be an Uber driver, then don't be one. The world is moving to freelancers offering their services. People renting their rooms via AirBnb is only the start. AirBnb is now offering to sell "experiences" so you can be a freelance guide taking people up Table Mountain for example. Are you now going to insist on AirBnb paying you a minimum wage? The world has moved on to entrepreneurship.
Posted on 9 Dec 2016 09:50
Andre Rademan
Twitter looking to extend 140 character limit
Yes. Facebook includes a 'read more' link after a certain number of words which Twitter can also do. But Twitter also needs to solve the comment stream issue, so that it is easy to see the original post and all those who commented on it so that a debate can be started.
Posted on 6 Jan 2016 11:30
Andre Rademan
The Loeries 2014: All the finalists
Thanks Willie, fixed up, another 62 added.
Posted on 19 Sep 2014 15:19
Andre Rademan
Sanral asks court to keep Cape N1 tolls secret
They simply want to provide as little information so that it becomes fait accompli and too late to appose effectively. The problem with road tolls is that it makes the road system less efficient, money goes to the management thereof and the economy suffers. We want the economy to be kickstarted and jobs to be created and therefore should not allow projects that will put the economy permanently on a back foot for decades to come.
Posted on 6 Aug 2014 09:10
Andre Rademan
SA's creative awards... They're our Golden Calves*
Thanks for your comment Mike. In our experience it takes a brave person to challenge Awards in SA - they are more like sacred cow than a golden calf! The marketing community is not alone in this regard. The Sunday Times reported yesterday that Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula is planning a Sport Awards do at Sun City new weekend to the tune of ZAR65m of sponsor's money which, as the author points out, would surely have been better spent on sponsorship of actual athletes instead of a party. In the light of this the Ad industry awards seems like a harmless PR opportunity for an industry which as far as I know, is one of the few non-unionised ones. This may seem irrelevant, but could explain the obsession with awards as an incentive for people who still work willingly without overtime or clock watching to produce a world class product. Many of the Awards have charitable and outreach aspects to them to give them additional credibility. How else to get a whole industry together, other than an awards ceremony?
Posted on 11 Nov 2013 15:50
Andre Rademan
Necessity is the mother of invention and mother Africa is very, very demanding
So true, even in these days of data and measurability, if you don't have good, old fashioned share of hearts and minds, you are not doing your company/product/brand any favours - thanks for reminding us of this marketing truism.
Posted on 7 Nov 2013 13:54
Andre Rademan
In future, there will be no discussion about what is and isn't digital
This was echoed by Paul Berney (EMEA of Mobile Marketing Association) at the MMA breakfast briefing this morning... He said there is no more "mobile" marketing, it is all marketing. Marketing is simply following the consumer and the consumer is increasingly online and mobile.
Posted on 28 Jun 2013 14:32
Andre Rademan
Can SA restore investor confidence?
Mr Eberl, you need to be on some government advisory panel: "To increase broadband penetration in South Africa by 50% by 2014". It can be done, just needs somebody up there to understand the difference to the economy and job creation it will make.
Posted on 18 Oct 2012 18:39
Andre Rademan
Why isn't wi-fi free?
Hear, hear! Having just returned from an overseas trip I found that most of the hotels in Egypt and Israel had free Wi-Fi including many restaurants in Tel Aviv, its airport and even the intercity buses. It is so much more productive to travel with free Wi-Fi all around you. In South Africa I wonder what the cost would be to give all cities and township areas free Wi-Fi or at least cap it by device to allow for basic browsing and email but limiting big downloads. What percentage of the annual R700 billion budget would it cost to do this? And what would the economic benefit be (% increase in GDP) if all South Africans were connected?
Posted on 10 Oct 2012 19:00
Andre Rademan
What is the essence of Bizcommunity? #happybiz11
Thanks to all for awesome birthday comments, especially Mbali Ndandani, you are our gold medal brand champion!
Posted on 3 Aug 2012 11:36
Andre Rademan
Creative vertigo: the spin of the ICANN branding revolution
In my view this was done to generate more revenue for registrars and I'm sad the integrity of ICANN has been compromised by greedy lobbying.Suddenly brands have to spend huge amounts to pro-actively protect its IP and also stake its claim on keywords before others do. Any site name would now be possible: coka.cola, red.bull, energy.drink, etc. The large brands who spend the most will win.
Posted on 2 Dec 2011 13:11
Andre Rademan
SA, Africa's most valuable nation brand
Isn't it time the SA government purchased It is currently owned by New Media Holdings and a few million (even tens of million) paid for it would be worth it to promote the country properly. Tourism is contributing about R200 billion to the SA economy annually. By how many percent would an excellent site increase tourism (coupled with branding of on all marketing material)?
Posted on 26 May 2011 09:53
Andre Rademan
Round of applause!- News doesn't wait for people to have free time
Thanks Louise for highlighting a very worthwhile cause. Hope it will take place again next year, bigger and better. If so, would love to be there.
Posted on 26 Oct 2009 16:09
Andre Rademan
Your feedback is very important, thank you- What do you think of our new site?
Thank you to all for the feedback. It is all being considered and a solution will be found for every outstanding issue (if there is one). I can assure you the Bizcomm technical team is working hard to make the site enjoyable and productive for its readers. A more direct channel would be to use the feedback form, from which you will receive a direct response if you enter your email address. The link to this feedback form will also appear on the bottom of each page. Regards Andre Rademan, Technical Director,
Posted on 5 Mar 2009 01:15
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