The station is unique in the SABC PBS stable as it is the only station primarily targeting the youth with two languages of broadcast, IsiXhosa and English. This differentiating factor matters as it provides the youth with a platform to express themselves, to engage with each other and interact with the rest of the world. This is done within the context of our mandate which is to inform, educate and entertain, to support and develop culture and as far as possible ensure the fair and equal treatment of the predominant languages in the province.

In essence, trufm is a platform of expression for young people without being judged.


Because target listeners are highly driven to acquire further education as a way of fulfilling their desire to reach and live their aspirations, the strategic intent is to provide something for the Eastern Cape youth that will jolt them to action and pursue their dreams. trufm intends to become an integral part of the day to day lives of young people. The station's offering assists the youth in finding lasting solutions to their challenges.

trufm believes in excellence, trendsetting and being approachable.


Target Market Profiles (RAMS 2008/6 - P7D)

Female: 52.7%
Male: 47.3%

Black: 96.9%
Coloureds: 13%
Indian: 1%
White: 0%

E Cape: 95.7%


Siphelele Sixaso
Marketing Manager
Switchboard: (040) 635 2940
Direct Line: (040) 635 9012
Fax:(040) 636 4112
cell: 072 171 4776

Primary business: Radio Broadcasting
Services: Radio Broadcasting
Contact:Peter Kwele

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