Diary of a Small Agency

Franklin Ozekhome and his small agency dabble in the world of multinationals and superbrands.

Franklin Ozekhome is a strategic planner, trendspotter and student of culture and brands. He is the chief strategy officer at Identiture, a New York-based sensory branding and future design firm that offers business intelligence, strategic planning and sensory mapping services to small businesses. Follow his rants on Twitter @donniefranklin or contact him at www.franklinozekhome.com.

Oliver Twist
The ever-bubbling Nigerian music industry has once again being set ablaze by Don Jazzy and his Mo'Hits crew who recently engineered an online viral campaign via YouTube.

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Design that matters: internal work spaces
At the recent design mind Salon in Amsterdam, Microsoft researcher and computer scientist Bill Buxton said: “Great design doesn’t stem from a singular designer or a great design department, but from the entire culture of the company.” An interesting example he cited was about Steve Jobs return to Apple as it experienced its worst downturn in the 90s.

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The virtual agency
During the past year, I have been fortunate to meet with some of the most brilliant men and women in the topsy-turvy world of advertising. Especially interesting are the one-on-one chats I usually have with agency principals, creative directors, and small business owners, who have gone on to set up their own companies after experiencing the "hallowed" halls of major advertising firms.

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The mad world of advertising
Some people say they love advertising because of the ads they see on television, billboards and YouTube videos that generate mad buzz. Others see the glamorous side of the ad world – TV production shoots with models, launch parties with celebrities, Cannes Lions Festival showstoppers, and exclusive dinners at upscale restaurants with clients.

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Prospecting new business in 2010
These are the key takeouts from the Mirren New Business Conference, held at the Digital Sandbox, New York, in April 2010.

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Romancing new business ops
Eight weeks ago: I walked across the street to join Brandi (Brandi Taylor aka "BT" is the director, Digital+Concept at our agency - Identiture based in New York, US) at Dosi Caffeé. It was lunchtime, and I craved black coffee and a bagel. Brandi was the head of Digital+Concept at the agency, situated directly opposite Dosi. We had broached the conference issue in the morning, but had not yet decided on anything

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Small agency vs. big agency
In the marketing communications industry, small agencies across the globe usually encounter a common threat: the power and influence of big brother.

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