Mukuru Groceries service expands to Malawi

Remittances-led fintech company Mukuru is expanding its groceries service to Malawi in response to the food crisis that has plagued the east African nation for years.

Source: © Tatiana Atamaniuk –
Source: © Tatiana Atamaniuk –

According to a Malawian Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) report issued in November last year, 2,6-million Malawians will require humanitarian food assistance and therefore, Malawian foreign nationals who reside and work outside the country have an increasing need to support their families in Malawi.

The Mukuru Groceries service will allow customers to, in addition to the option to send cash, have an option for their loved ones to receive groceries in Malawi. According to Mukuru, the service not only gives its customers peace of mind but also ensures that their families are taken care of.

“Our customers' needs are paramount. We continue to keep our ears to the ground to understand what they need to make their lives better and even more importantly how they can best support their families in a country that faces so many challenges,” says Mukuru regional countries manager Doug Tait-Knight.

Convenient, reliable way to support loved ones

Customers can access the service via Mukuru’s USSD and WhatsApp platforms where they can place a transaction order for a basket of pre-packed groceries at MK25,500, which consists of 18 staples such as mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar, salt and rice. Existing Mukuru customers do not need to register for this service, they simply create their orders via the USSD or WhatsApp platforms for an “easy and affordable way” to provide for their families with basic necessities.

Mukuru Groceries is one of many initiatives that the company has implemented as it aims to constantly adapt and evolve according to its customers’ needs and aspirations.

“Despite the glaring barriers set by the global pandemic, Mukuru’s technology has made it possible for Malawians to receive groceries from their loved ones who reside outside their home country. Our mission has always been to meet our customers where they are at and in this day and age it has become even more important to do so.

“Food is the most important commodity and it is directly linked to health and the ability to support families. We’d like to use our technology to ease the burden on our customers and to make it as convenient as possible for them to take care of their loved ones,” Tait-Knight concludes.

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