Best programs to protect passwords

The majority of the regular internet users are youths starting from the age of six. In these years, their curiosity is in an all-time high, and the worldwide web has provided an easy access to all the answers.
Opportunities in employment, promotion, and education are also abundant in the internet. With the rampant scamming and fraudulent activities, however, accessing these websites usually requires you to become a member.

Social networking sites follow the same measures. Surely, if you are one who hates getting left behind, you have created an account on each of these sites and participated actively.

The problem with becoming a member with so many online groups and organisations is the task of maintaining the security of your passwords from hackers. You can improve your computer security through anti-virus software, yes, but what if viruses and cyber criminals are not the only problem?

Are you confident enough that you can keep track of your accessing of information on all those accounts? In moments when you put your guard down, how sure are you that your computer protection is enough?

Security programs that can protect your password

Computer companies have turned their attention to the increasing internet threats that progress along with technological upgrades. Debates and discussions have been conducted, and studies have been carried out to inspect every loophole there are in the system, but there is only so much they can accomplish if you don't play your part.

Creating online accounts is a responsibility that is entirely your own, and the efficiency of antivirus software and of internet security is only as effective as you are careful of your activities.

To help you keep tabs of your passwords, experts have designed programs that will assure you of its security and sole accessibility, guaranteeing you a safe distance from all cases of loss.

Steganos Password Manager

For cautious and artistic Windows users, I think this is a program worth your trust and your money. At $39.95, Steganos Password Manager offers creative ways to ensure your privacy. It is known to be one of the best desktop encryption products. It is removable hardware friendly, especially with flash drives and cameras.

What makes it so popular and unique is that it allows you to use consecutive photos that will serve as your password, relieving you of having to remember all those letter and number combinations.

This is suitable for the young and the old who have grown tired of the same old boring safety measures.


This program is an easy favourite that users claim is getting 'better and better'. People who are always on the go will find this extremely handy, as it allows you to access your accounts anywhere through a browser add-on and web interface using any gadget.

The main idea of LastPass is it converts your passwords into encrypted files that they store on their servers, permitting you to enter your accounts without having to sort out mentally which password is for which site.

Logging in to LastPass permits the program to fill out login forms automatically; hence, you have to make sure you are logged out after you use the internet. The encrypted files that are your passwords are stored in 256bits AES that are downloaded to your hard drive whenever you enter LastPass.

This program is just one of the many cases that the best things in life do indeed come for free.


An iPhone application that gives justice to its name, Keeper is a free security program that can give hackers a migraine trying to break into its system. Despite using only 128bits AES encryption, I think it is a tough app you will have no regrets using.

If Steganos Password Manager attracts buyers through replacing characters with image sequencing, Keeper has made a reputation with its self-destruct default system for stolen cellular phones.

The limited four attempts to guess the right key don't really give thieves enough time to invade your private files.


The lousy, the busy, and the forgetful will fall in love with KeePassX. Unlike the other password security programs, it was created with a multiplatform vault that adds no complexity for its users.

It secures all your personal information in a desktop locker. You need not pay any amount to use a USB key, which makes up for the fact that it does not sync with online servers, but can still automatically fill out log-in forms for you.

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