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[Three ways to transform business data into BI] Part 3: Business intelligence meets mobility

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: This is the third post in our three part series; [Three ways to transform business data into business intelligence]...

In the previous posts we checked out on how one should Opt for better - not bigger dashboards for conveniently allowing your employees to access information based on their roles and responsibilities and how Self-sufficient BI reporting without relying on IT brings in that cost saving on your IT resources while they concentrate on their core competencies of showing you the bigger technology picture of your business. We'll discuss a scenario where business intelligence meets mobility, which works perfectly in your favour.

Business intelligence meets mobility

Converting anything and everything "mobile" has proved to be a success mantra these days, and there is nothing wrong in doing so or following the trend. It has proved its worth as a brilliantly successful customer satisfaction tool. Users are always looking out for that convenience and flexibility that they have been privileged to enjoy in their personal lives and mobility is the feature similar to their personal life experience - that certainly makes them more productive and helps your business enjoy the fruitfulness of this advancement. Reporting and business intelligence gets a new periphery when you put employee requisite information in their hand-held devices, any time, anywhere.

I'd like to looks into facts based on a survey conducted to find out precisely how smart phones and tablets or hand-held devices have replaced traditional touch points.

So if the entire scenario is changing we should also - and instantaneously. Now the question for a lot of you is: how to make this miracle happen?

The answer is with your MS Dynamics partner, who would assist you with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint platform for collaboration and distribution. The technology would extend access to key information and reports to users, according to their roles and responsibilities, on their phones or tablets. Microsoft SharePoint is designed to help you save reports, information, dashboards and more to the cloud and then conveniently access them from personal hand-held devices, while they can also be shared with other members - if required.

However, these hand-held devices or mobile devices are the weakest link for enterprise mobility solutions, not always but most of the time, whenever security and safety take a back seat for any of the organisations.

When business intelligence meets mobility, the safe and easy way to share and manage data and insights is rewarding in the form of enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies. It would also give your customers the level of services that will make you stand out of the crowd and against your competition.

How about a pilot project that portrays Microsoft Dynamics NAV in action only for you...

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