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[Three ways to transform business data into BI] Part 2: Self-sufficient BI reporting without relying on IT

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: This is the second post in the three part series, three ways to transform business data into business intelligence... (Video)

In the previous article Opt for Better - Not Bigger Dashboards, we checked out how dashboards conveniently provide information to your employees as per their roles and responsibilities, to enhance operational efficiency. In this particular article I would like to highlight how you as the owner/entrepreneur can empower employees in to use Business Intelligence (BI) in an optimum manner without relying too much on the IT department.

Self-sufficient BI reporting without relying on IT

We all know that in a scenario where there were no cost constraints, we would have made sure we have a technology person guiding every individual employee in your organisation. But let me tell you one thing that this is one of the trickiest situations you have to handle where you are required to balance the cost of IT against the benefits these IT teams have to offer. However, given a situation where all your employees become self-sufficient, they acquire and act on the data all by their own. Your employees are all equipped with all the information required, and your not-so-hefty IT team can concentrate on their core competencies of showing you a bigger technology picture of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you with reporting and analytic tools to cater to all your business and domain specific requirements. It provides you with those high-impact reports, charts and convenient analyses that are easy to use and adaptable for every single employee of yours. Value proposition: you won't need an analytics resource or a software developer to pull up all the reports you need - at any time.

Your MS Dynamics partner, well versed in all as these requirements, is the one who has built hundreds of reports and mostly all of them are out-of-the-box standards. It empowers your users to tweak these reports in terms of changing fields, adapting terminology and adding inputs from other data sources and adapt these, uniform across the organisation, reports.

The beauty is these "just a click away reports" are provided and that too without a single call to the IT helpdesk. The features that make all this reporting, collaboration and distribution conveniently possible is a platform based on Microsoft SQL Server, Office and SharePoint. You, along with all your employees, can leverage the Microsoft investment and get business intelligence work in your favour - without relying on IT.

Strengthen your team with the power of Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting, and watch their and your IT department's productivity and efficiency rise steeply.

In the next article, I would want to take this a step further, to prove how Business Intelligence meets Mobility.

Meanwhile watch this video on Microsoft Dynamics to find out how Business Intelligence can transform the way your organisation performs.

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