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New app a digital gateway to Abu Dhabi heritage

The Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is set to launch a 'one-stop' digital information platform on cultural experiences in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This initiative will offer personalised content, 360-degree visuals, interactive floor plans, podcasts from culture experts as well as a centralised profiling database across all culture locations and events.
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The initiative, which forms part of UAE Innovation Month, is called ‘Abu Dhabi Culture’ and will allow users to gain instant access to information on all aspects of cultural life and heritage in the emirate. Abu Dhabi Culture will feature a website, a mobile app and supporting social media presence.

A trusted form of cultural information

"Released as part of Abu Dhabi’s contribution to UAE Innovation Month, this product has been designed to maximise accessibility to Abu Dhabi’s highly rich cultural landscape, both historical and contemporary.

"We have made sure all digital touchpoints are as user-friendly as possible, and our aim is to make this a trusted source of information for anyone seeking cultural information about the emirate – basically we want this to be considered a ‘cultural oracle’.

"For example, the mobile app will provide a ‘360-degree experience’, a comprehensive interactive map, a personalised interface, user-generated stories as well as features which will allow travellers to plan their trip. Geo-locating technology and podcasts will also be incorporated into the application," said Saif Saeed Ghobash, DCT Abu Dhabi director general HE.

The Abu Dhabi Culture app will be launched on 27 February 2018, and will be available in three languages: Arabic, English and French. It will feature on iOS and Android app stores, and can be accessed online at

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