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New York Festivals TV & Film Awards has announced the 2018 grand jury

New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards has announced the 2018 grand jury. The TV & Film competition jury recruitment process is still underway, with a jury member increase and an increase in the percentage of women by double digits to just under 40 percent.

The New York Festivals 2018 TV & Film grand jury of 198 members to date represents 32 countries on 6 continents. These jurors, who are award-winners themselves are passionate about excellence and innovation, and their reputation in diverse areas across all platforms provide each entry with the utmost of attention.

The power women on NYF’s grand jury are prominent directors, producers, journalists, filmmakers who are respected within the industry amongst their peers and honoured globally in broadcast and film competitions. At the helm of cutting edge organisations from Australia to United Arab Emirates, these women demonstrate dedication, inspiration and creativity in their body of work.

Each industry executive recruited to the grand jury has expansive industry experience and exceptional achievement within their field. The men and women of the grand jury represent worldwide leaders in news, sports, entertainment, the arts, promos, film and brand/corporate image. They lead, develop, write, direct and edit, creating content on behalf of such broadcast and film giants as: ABS-CBN, BBC, Globo TV, ESPN, The Edge Picture Company, FOX, NFL Media, Media Corp, Channel NewsAsia, Discovery, Scripps, Telemundo, Deutsche Welle TV, GMA, NBC Universal, Al Jazeera, Interspot Film, Red Bull TV, Radio Television Hong Kong, NHK, Sundance Channel, NZ TV, Fuji, KBS, MLB Network, The Walt Disney Company Latum, Showtime, and ZDF.

Evaluation of entries

“NYF’s grand jury provide a 360 perspective of the industry with a globally informed voice,” said Rose Anderson, VP and executive director of the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards. “They volunteer their time to review submissions from 40 countries around the world and these deliberations ensure fairness based on their understanding of creative excellence today.”

Grand jury members evaluate entries, viewing and scoring each entry based on industry-accepted standards of excellence using a 1-10 scale using the following set of criteria: Production Values, Creativity, Content Presentation, Direction, Writing, achievement of Purpose and Audience Suitability.

Based on the medal-round scores determined by the grand jury, winners receive one of the following: Gold World Medal, Silver World Medal, Bronze World Medal, or Finalist Certificate. The highest scoring entries receive the Grand Trophy, honouring the “Best in Show.” Nominated Finalists are judged by a selected panel at the United Nations for the UNDPI Awards.

Every year New York Festivals honours the highest performing teams with special recognition: Broadcaster of the Year, Production company of the Year, and Program Promotion Team of the Year.

The 2018 competition is open for entries. Entry details and competition rules and regulations can be found on the NYF Television & Film Awards website. To view the complete list of categories, please click here.
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