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#KFCCrisis: The ABCs of KFC's FCK apology

Last week, KFC London faced a chicken shortage as a result of "operational issues" with new delivery provider, DHL. This led to a temporary shut down of some 700 of its 900 branches - but they quickly crossed the road to the other side of the crisis.
The full-page Metro ad by Mother London for KFC.
The full-page Metro ad by Mother London for KFC.

When KFC stores in the UK ran out of chicken last week, they could have simply put their heads in the sand, ostrich-style and claimed there was nothing they could do. After all, they only had one job, right? To supply their signature fried chicken to those with a craving for it. This rendered the chicken shortage nothing short of ironic.

However, the brand put its thinking cap on to fly out of crisis territory and into a less sticky spot.

Crossing the road from crisis to 'funny side'

AdWeek reports that they flew back from the shortage scandal with a full-page ad in The Sun and Metro by Mother London, featuring an empty KFC barrel with the letters rearranged to read 'FCK'.

The Evening Standard reports that public relations worker Andrew Bloch hailed the advert as "a masterclass in PR crisis management". It was certainly creative, timely and award-winning Nando's-style commentary clever, and most of their stores have since reopened.

Here's how social media responded in turn:

A good sense of humour goes a long way when dealing with a crisis!

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