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Report shows native advertising rises in importance

According to a new report, released by the International News Media Association (Inma) and the Native Advertising Institute the importance of native advertising continues to rise in the revenue mix even as labelling is inconsistent for many media companies.
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Based on a survey of 231 media executives from 51 countries, Native Advertising Trends in News Media captures the sharp rise of native in the advertising mix – 11% last year, 18% this year, and projected to be 32% by 2020.

With the rise in revenue comes challenges, with 11% of publishers not labelling native advertising at all. Author Jesper Larsen, founder of the Native Advertising Institute, says this lack of labelling hurts the credibility of news media and needs to be addressed.

Going to war

Meanwhile, publishers say they are open to “going to war” with advertising agencies and media agencies since the alternative would be they will be left with a low-margin business model.

The report looks at integrating native advertising content, the effect on the bottom line, native advertising solutions and sources, measuring the effect of native advertising, opportunities and threats.

Native Advertising Trends in News Media is punctuated by best-practice case studies from CNN, Helsingborgs Dagblad, and Bild.

Inma members may download the report and non-members may order the report by clicking here.
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