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Ethiopians pay tribute to their unsung hero

Ethiopians fear that Saturday’s air crash in Cameroon claimed the life of a man who revealed what is really going on in their country.
Addis Ababa: Ethiopians have expressed their regard for one of the passengers on the Kenya Airways flight which crashed in Cameroon on Saturday. The passenger, a Briton, Anthony Mitchell, aroused the ire of the Ethiopian authorities, but won the respect of many citizens of the Horn of Africa nation, with his no-holds-barred reporting of events in that country.

News is still coming regarding the fate of the passengers on Kenya Airways flight Flight 507 that crashed two days ago in Cameroon, but Ethiopians fear the worst.

Anthony Mitchell, the Associated Press correspondent based in East Africa, covered the national elections in Ethiopia, a poll that was marred by violence and saw the death of nearly 200 people and in the end, the expulsion from the country of Mitchell himself.

In that assignment, he gained the trust and respect of Ethiopians, one of whom said that the AP correspondent was the only honest voice telling the world what was really going in the Horn of Africa country.

Mitchell reported it as he saw it and not only reported on the violence the authorities unleashed and that doomed Ethiopia's hopes for a democratic transition but he also broke the news that suspected terrorists from nearly 20 countries around the world were secretly imprisoned in Ethiopia.

Mitchell, 39, a former Daily Express journalist, was returning from an assignment in Central African Republic.
What a lose to us the un seen and the un heared we miss you a lot God bless you you have completed the requirements of the Lord being a voice the voice to the voiceless
Posted on 8 May 2007 03:55
he is HATE by many ethiopians, but prayers to his family-
who said ethiopians like him?? maybe some ethiopians would be better. ethiopia is a country with 80 ethnicities and many political groups. out of the the more than 12 political groups, Anthony sided with one of the group and one of the 80 ethnicities. he basically said the other views don't matter. he even claimed criminals were innocent people, thereby becoming more powerful than the judiciary in the country. then he was kicked out of our country. we want unity and democracy. not more division. a foreign journalist siding with one group was unacceptable. even advocacy journalism has its own rules and regulations. what he did was horrible, but as any human being in this world, us ethiopians feel sad for his family and friends. his death is a loss to all humanity for no one deserves to die. prayers to his family. God bless his soul.
Posted on 8 May 2007 21:17