Smart cities for Africa
Smart cities for Africa

The convergence of infrastructure, analytics and communications to enable smart city development has no greater potential than in Africa, where a focus on resource efficiency and productivity will guide the continent's current and future growth.

By Webb Meko 1 day ago

Eliska the Rhino
DHL delivers black rhino Eliska to Africa

DHL provided a dedicated Boeing 757-200 freighter to transport a female eastern black rhino, named Eliska, from the Czech Republic to a Tanzanian sanctuary as part of a conservation project.

1 day ago

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Intra-African broadband terrestrial infrastructure

The African Union Commission (AUC), through the Infrastructure and Energy Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology of Kenya, has launched the Kenya Internet Exchange Point of Presence in Mombasa.

2 days ago

Nicole Biondi
Six lessons in storytelling

Storytelling as an art form is ancient, part of what makes us human. As the world shifts to all things digital, our storytelling has adapted, but remains an effective tool for marketing and building brands. For tourism professionals, storytelling can be incorporated all the time as a means of reaching visitors and potential visitors. Here are some pointers for creating productive narratives:

By Nicole Biondi 3 days ago

Content strategy for the future

Melissa Attree, director of content strategy at Ogilvy & Mather SA, recently took time out of her busy schedule to host an informal training session with Bizcommunity's content team on content strategy for the future.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Ethiopian soleRebels store, Barcelona, Spain
Green shoe brand helps Ethiopia walk tall

Brightly coloured shoes, boots and sandals, handmade in Ethiopia, nestle in tyres and wooden pallets hung with ropes on the white walls of this former butcher's shop in GrĂ cia, a fashionably bohemian district of Barcelona, Spain.

By Megan Rowling 3 days ago

Ecobank campaign
Ecobank launches new consumer campaign

The Ecobank Group has launched a new fully integrated consumer advertising campaign, 'Move On Up', centred on the bank's drive to ensure that consumers have world-class accessible and convenient digital banking solutions across Africa.

3 days ago

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Over 350 African startups apply to move to Korea

Startups from 26 African countries applied to scale their startups to South Korea under the K-Startup Grand Challenge, which aims to attract foreign entrepreneurs to Korea and transform the country into an entrepreneurial hub.

By Gabriella Mulligan 3 days ago

Harmonising media research across Africa
Harmonising media research across Africa

Increasing the trade that takes place between African countries plays an important part in furthering Africa's economic growth. PAMRO (the Pan African Media Research Organisation) believes that it is able to contribute meaningfully to the stimulation of greater trade between African countries, by working towards the harmonisation of media research across Africa.

By Oresti Patricios 27 Jun 2016

Ndalo Media Books launches with a book on Personal Brand Intelligence
Ndalo Media Books launches with a book on Personal Brand Intelligence

To mark the start of the fifth addition, namely Ndalo Media Books, to Ndalo Media's existing business units of print publishing, digital publishing, content marketing and events, the group launched the book, Personal Brand Intelligence (PBQ) - an inspiring and holistic look at how your brand can evolve intelligently to influence society', by bestselling author, Timothy Maurice Webster.

27 Jun 2016

Four things you can learn from Afrillennial smartphone preferences
Four things you can learn from Afrillennial smartphone preferences

There's more to the youth's product choices than meets the eye and one industry that has the most tell-tale signs about the youth market is the mobile industry.

24 Jun 2016

Tips on how YouTube videos can drive consumers to purchase your product
Tips on how YouTube videos can drive consumers to purchase your product

Today's consumer need to stay informed about your product offering and what the benefits of purchasing those products are. You need to find consumers where they are and progressively this is the digital realm - online.

By Nicola Graves 24 Jun 2016

Innovation Prize for Africa winners: (L-R): Dr Imogen Wright, Dr Eddy Agbo, Dr Achidi Valentin Agon.
Innovation Prize for Africa winners

This year's winners of the Innovation Prize for Africa offer innovative responses to address malaria and HIV/AIDS, two of Africa's greatest disease burdens, showcasing African ingenuity at the same time.

24 Jun 2016