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Real estate: New gold mine in Nigeria

The real estate sector in Nigeria has become the ultimate investment destination for most Nigerian investors. With the heightened economic activity in the country and the attendant demand for space both for residential and official use, the sector has taken a prime position for those with resources and seeking for avenues to invest.
Shelter, from time, has remained one of man's basic needs. Changing the term to real estate has not quite changed the relevance of the sector in its core area of need.

From the days of the landed gentry, real estate has consistently been a target of investment by investors who understand the act of making money. And for good reason. It, like wine, gets better with age and the worth or value hardly ever goes down on a permanent basis. It may fluctuate for other intervening variables but it hardly ever loses its allure as an investment option.

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Umar Saeed
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Rick Macosky
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Aston Pearl
Despite of the slowdown in sales transactions there is a lot of opportunity in the market and this is probably the best to invest in Dubai real estate market to get high returns
Posted on 25 Feb 2016 07:20