Franklin Ozekhome is a strategic planner, trendspotter and student of culture and brands. He is the chief strategy officer at Identiture, a New York-based sensory branding and future design firm that offers business intelligence, strategic planning and sensory mapping services to small businesses. Follow his rants on Twitter @donniefranklin or contact him at
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What digital planning is not

A few days ago, I was chatting with a former colleague in San Francisco, California - he works in the planning department of a prominent advertising agency in Lagos, and was vacationing in the US for the summer. Naturally, our gist had revolved around current events and trends in the Nigerian media and advertising industry, especially given the country's poor representation at the recently concluded 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

By Franklin Ozekhome 14 Jul 2010

Fela Kuti and Maxploitation of Afrobeat Music

“I no be gentleman at all o! [Chorus] I be Africa man original

By Franklin Ozekhome 2 May 2010

Nigerian case study: Netflix vs. Alaba Market

Three decades ago, there was a big boom in the Nigerian video rental industry. Parents and guardians that could not afford regular purchase of VHS movies to satisfy the increasing tastes of movie aficionados at home were given a way out. Renting of video cassettes was in. With as little as 50 kobo (US$0.33), one could rent any movie from a growing number of video shops.

By Franklin Ozekhome 21 Apr 2010

Nigerian Marketnomics 2009: Part two

In the fight for survival in the depressed economies, and the battle to stand out and mean more to consumers in the emerging markets, ideas will become the golden salt and superior thinking will take centre stage.

By Franklin Ozekhome 22 Jan 2009

Nigerian Marketnomics 2009: Part one

The economic and financial crisis, which started in the United States in September 2008, has rattled markets and economies around the globe. A global shift is taking place resulting in a rebalancing of economic power.

By Franklin Ozekhome 20 Jan 2009

Beyond PR: what's your point of view?

The past few years in the Nigerian marketing, communications industry has been exciting as the status-quo has become radically bent, with the young seeking to diferentiate themselves from the ‘old masters.' In seeking to be creative for creativity-sake, they fail to encourage clients to create, promote, project, advance and endorse their points of view.

By Franklin Ozekhome 8 Oct 2008

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