Erik is the Chairman of Millward Brown (SA), Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business Schools unit of Neuro-Decisionmaking, Conference Speaker on matters of the brain, emotions, advertising and brand strategy, i.e. neuro-marketing...
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Free happiness

Did you know that the United Nations declared 20 March as International Happiness Day? Are you doing something special? Is your company doing something special?...

By Erik Du Plessis, Issued by Kantar 14 Mar 2018

My generation failed to create loyalty

It is very obvious that my generation failed dramatically, worldwide. The next generation want change. Mostly simply change away from what my generation achieved...

By Erik Du Plessis 22 Nov 2017

Introducing choice segmentation

The most used statistical technique that is used to segment the brands in a market is correspondence analysis which produces a perceptual map...

By Erik Du Plessis 26 Oct 2017

A neuroscience study that is important to advertisers

A neuroscience study with important implications for marketers was delivered at Cannes this year by Prof. Per Sederberg, a neuropsychologist from Ohio State University. Unfortunately it seems to have been given more attention by science journals than advertising journals...

By Erik Du Plessis, Issued by Kantar 6 Jul 2017

Big step forward for Trump. Big step backward for research.

Looking at the pollsters for the USA presidential election, Donald Trump took a big step from just being a close-running contestant to being a resounding winner...

By Erik Du Plessis 10 Nov 2016

Neuroscience, brand equity and Coca-Cola

In 1975, Pepsi started a campaign showing ordinary consumers who said they are Coca-Cola users taking a blind taste test of Pepsi and Coca-Cola...

By Erik Du Plessis 19 Jul 2016

Rational versus emotional decision-making (2016-status)

Everybody that is interested in the discussion about whether people make rational or emotional decisions - and all marketers are interested in this - should be aware of the background to the discussion...

By Erik Du Plessis 5 Jul 2016

About Neuroscience, whorehouses and advertising

When I worked in advertising in the 1970s, a popular joke was: "Don't tell my mother I work in advertising; she thinks I'm a piano player in a whorehouse..."

By Erik Du Plessis 28 Jun 2016

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