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How the ASA became a medicine regulator, and almost lost its shirt
How the ASA became a medicine regulator, and almost lost its shirt

We've all seen them. Those product ads promising hope in a bottle for guaranteed weight loss or some other miracle cure...

By Nicci Botha 24 Nov 2017

Neil Kirby, head of the healthcare & life sciences practice at Werksmans Attorneys
#HASA2017: Plotting the legislative pathway to NHI

However well-intentioned National Health Insurance (NHI) is, it will fall flat without the necessary supporting legislation...

By Nicci Botha 2 Oct 2017

Photo: Roche
Trastuzumab and the high cost of cancer treatment

It seems cruel that drugs that can save the lives of thousands of cancer sufferers are so prohibitively expensive...

By Nicci Botha 21 Jun 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
Why are medical lawsuits so controversial?

If you suffer from serious side effects after taking a new medication, or your physician is negligent, it is only natural that you would want some form of compensation for your injuries...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 25 May 2016

Upsetting the healthcare apple cart
Upsetting the healthcare apple cart

The SA healthcare industry is in a state of flux, especially around NHI and the Competition Commission probe into private healthcare costs...

By Nicci Botha 30 Mar 2016

Neil Kirby
Rights of medical aid members to dispute scheme's refusal of benefits

Where a member is of a view that a particular decision by a medical scheme is unfair or contrary to the rules of the scheme, that member has certain rights available in order to deal with that decision...

By Neil Kirby 11 Dec 2015

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