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2018 European Digital Marketing Survey results released

The outcomes from the 2018 European Digital Marketing Survey performed by Salesmanago among marketers across Europe have been released.
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And only 48% of marketers rate their marketing activities results as good and very good – these are the most interesting outcomes from 2018 European Digital Marketing Survey performed by Salesmanago among marketers across Europe.

The least used technologies are machine learning and AI and bots and among the most overrated techniques there are SEO, paid online promotions and company blogs. 63% of marketers as the main challenge recognise lead generation.

Marketing departments struggling to be recognised

“Despite the fact that more and more marketing people get promoted to company boards, the reality is that most marketing departments still struggle to be recognised as important players in organisations.” – says Greg Blazewicz, CEO of Salesmanago, a European marketing automation platform.

“In my opinion, to achieve this recognition they need to switch from strategies aiming at the acquisition of new customers to mastering relationships with their current clients by using all types of customer data”.

Other outcomes

  • 38% of marketers use Google Analytics to measure the overall performance of digital marketing
  • 42% of marketers plan to modify marketing strategies to respond to the technological change
  • 38% of marketers claim email marketing to be the main channel of customer communication
  • 60% of marketers plan to improve personalization strategies in the coming months

The full report from the survey is available here.

The survey was conducted in May 2018. The questionnaire was filled by nearly 350 marketers from the European countries.
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