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Assange's unconditional release called for by R2K

Right to Know (R2K) has called for the unconditional release of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.
Source: © Alexandr Rozhkov
Source: © Alexandr Rozhkov 123rf

It states that “for people of integrity everywhere to assert that this kind of case, which is already chilling journalism, cannot be tolerated”.

The organisation notes, with concern, that Assange continues to be denied due process in British courts, and to be imprisoned in Guantanamo-like conditions.

“Along with most of global civil society, we see this not only as a breach of human rights but a threat to media freedom,” it says.

“We are confident that South Africa’s courts would not hesitate to hold the US government’s use of its Espionage Act a violation of our Bill of Rights and dismiss such an extradition request, but it appears that British (as well as US) courts are packed with right-wingers. Relief can only come through political pressure,” it states.

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