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2019 Clio Entertainment Awards 'Of the Year' finalists announced

The Clio Entertainment Awards has announced the finalists for the 2019 'Of the Year' awards.
Image credit: Clio Entertainment Awards.

The winners will be announced at the 2019 Clio Entertainment Awards – which will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on 21 November 2019.


Clio Entertainment Awards announces 2019 shortlist

The shortlist for the 2019 Clio Entertainment Awards has been announced. The awards will be handed out on 21 November 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood...

24 Oct 2019

Here are the finalists, listed in alphabetical order:

Agency finalists

  • Arsonal
  • AV Squad
  • Bond
  • Mob Scene
  • Mocean
  • Trailer Park, Inc.

Game publisher finalists

  • 2K Games
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Microsoft Studios/Xbox
  • Niantic
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Studio finalists

  • Disney
  • Lionsgate
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Universal Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Pictures

Television/streaming finalists

  • Network Finalists
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • FX
  • HBO
  • Netflix
  • Showtime Networks
  • Viceland

These awards will be presented on stage to the respective advertising agency, film studio, television/streaming network and game publisher that has received the most overall Clio Entertainment Statue points for winning entries submitted across all medium types.
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