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Why are magazines Glamourising suicide?

NEWSWATCH: The quick-fire spread of social media means infamy is almost guaranteed if you step a foot wrong, even if the incident took place years ago. Such is the case for Glamour España, which included a pink gas stove in a market guide fashion spread inspired by Sylvia Plath.
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Image via Nylon

The feature, from the November 2017 issue of the magazine, seemed to slip under the radar at the time, but is now causing outrage online.

Nylon magazine adds that the inclusion of the gas oven “seems to trivialise the death” of Plath, poet and author of The Bell Jar who ended her own life by putting her head inside a gas oven in 1963.
As if the oven’s inclusion wasn’t bad enough, the bubblegum-pink colour choice takes it even further: Anyone who has ever read Plath’s work would know that she was fiercely opposed to the stereotypes expected of women at the time.
This has also made many angry about ‘pink tax’ all over again.

And, of course, there’s also anger about the way mental health issues tend to be reported in the media.

See some of the social media reactions below…

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