#FairnessFirst: Golden 'Fearless Girl' says yes, she McCann!

There's much to be said for dressing up as your role models and picturing yourself in their shoes. Here's why you can officially call British advertising graduate Jade Delaney 'Fearless Girl' after she painted herself gold, planted herself in front of the agency responsible for the Wall Street statue and went on to work there...

By Leigh Andrews 30 Jul 2018


Good CVs essential for marketing graduates

The London School of Marketing (LSM) emphasises the importance of developing a clear, accurate and eye-catching CV in today's competitive job market and advises students to take a pro-active approach...

5 Feb 2016


Selecting UK marketing courses

The London School of Marketing has published an article that guides students through the difficult decision of choosing a Foundation or Certificate course in marketing, factoring in experience and career goals.

13 Aug 2015


Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation

New PwC survey dispels myths about women and work...

5 Mar 2015


Wanted: Paintball test dummy

LONDON, UK: WANTED: Paintball tester to stand in the line of fire: salary R689,000...

27 Nov 2014


Increasing efficiency and employee wellbeing in a corporate workplace

MANCHESTER, UK: Labour costs are one of the biggest business expenses, so it makes sense to ensure your workers are as productive as they can be. Here are some steps you can take to achieve that.

By Julie Cheung 29 Aug 2013


Unified communications: Not profiling employees poses risk to investments

LONDON, UK / JOHANNESBURG, SA: Research reveals employees are often consulted, but their opinion rarely exerted influence.

12 Apr 2013


Employee productivity levels sink to new lows, says PwC research

LONDON, UK: PwC's Key Trends in Human Capital 2012 report reveals that productivity levels saw a sharp drop in 2011 following a period of relative stability between 2006 and 2010. The report suggests this drop is driven by an increase in employee costs, which have jumped 16% from 2009 to around US$55 000 in 2011.

31 Jul 2012


Overview of European Internet usage in September 2011

LONDON, UK: comScore, Inc has released an overview of Internet usage in Europe, showing 373.4 million unique visitors went online in September 2011 for an average of 26.4 hours per person. This release highlights Internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region and provides individual reporting on 18 markets.

17 Nov 2011


PwC comments on AGR winter survey

LONDON, UK: Richard Irwin, head of student recruitment, PwC, comments on the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) winter survey showing an increase in job opportunities, but stagnation in salary levels.

28 Jan 2011


Calling all budding entrepreneurial undergraduates

LONDON, UK: Graduate employer PwC working in partnership with Bright Futures have launched Business Champions, the ultimate business game, which gives students the opportunity to put their skills to the test and try their hand at becoming budding entrepreneurs.

12 Nov 2010


Public sector spending cuts could significantly affect private sector jobs

LONDON, UK: PwC research finds that industries such as the outsourcing market could help alleviate potential combined public and private sector job losses due to public sector spending cuts and that public sector spending cuts could reduce private sector gross output by around £46 billion (about R500 billion) per annum by 2014/15.

15 Oct 2010


Losing good staff is costing UK firms billions

LONDON, UK: Failure to retain competent employees is costing UK businesses £42 billion (about R462 billion) a year and PwC issues warning on staff replacement costs as quarter of workers seek higher paid jobs.

8 Oct 2010


Developments in pension fund financing

LONDON, UK: Corporate assets are set to overtake cash as main financing source for pension scheme shortfalls as companies looking to repair defined benefit pension scheme deficits begin using assets more than cash contributions over the next year, according to analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC).

3 Sep 2010

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