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IPS hosts roundtable to support research uptake in Africa

IPS Africa hosted researchers, reporters and policy advocates in Johannesburg last month to review the outcomes of its DFID-funded 'Changing Lives: Making research real' project and its impact on research uptake in the region. The roundtable discussion sought to review the programme and develop research communication best practices to support research uptake.
Participants included regional research organisations, advocacy groups, reporters and research communicators.

The dialogue focused specifically on best practices in reporting research to support uptake; a review on communicating health research; the role of new as opposed to traditional media in reporting research; and south-south learning in reporting research (Asia/Africa).

"Changing Lives is an innovative multimedia editorial product that offers human-interest stories, opinion and analysis as well as interviews with researchers in Africa. Implementing this project has been exciting and insightful. The roundtable provided an opportunity for us to share lessons and opportunities of communicating research through media in order to support uptake," said Paula Fray, IPS Africa regional director.

IPS Africa intends to produce a report documenting best practices on research reporting, a checklist for journalists, and lessons on south-south learning in reporting research as well a paper on the potential role of new media in disseminating research.

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